New Mom Excuse: Momversation

This Momversation read my mind. I was a little bummed to realize at Rex’s milestone birthday I was not as thin as I was when as when Vivien turned 1. Not a huge difference, but a difference I covet. Of course I think I can give myself a break. I was a mom of leisure for Viv’s first year and with Rex I’ve been working, moving, salvaging finances, you know… recession fun! Not to mention being 3 and half years older.

How long did you use the new mom excuse?

3 thoughts on “New Mom Excuse: Momversation

  1. Having had twins I milked it as long as I could.
    I lost the baby weight within a month (exhaustion, breastfeeding and being able to MOVE again). But then it came BACK when they were about 2… I still milked it. Oh so busy!! 😉

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