Phineas and Ferb

Yes, it’s pretty much on our house EVERY day. 

Not only does Vivien love it, so do Mark and I. He is hunkered down right now with her watching it. Come on, that’s a  clever show. Those boys can do anything. I like the writing, very funny.

Please note Mark’s new glasses. He got two pair; these are the slightly better ones. The others are rounder and light brown. I’m not a fan. We had a tiff about them since he bought them without me. Talk about “You don’t bring me flowers!” I can hear Babs and Neil Diamond now.

“When we first went out you liked that I came to pick our your glasses (which were way cooler and went better with his face than these ones).”

Him: “But my eyes are getting worse, and I just needed glasses.”

If you see steam roller I may chuck them underneath it when no one is looking.

8 thoughts on “Phineas and Ferb

  1. What would make him get glasses without you? I swear, I will never figure them out…

    My husband did the same thing, only he let some 20 yr old college student convince him he looks great in this 1 inch wide (at MOST!) bifocal pair that sit on top of his high bridged nose like someone on StarTrek.

    How can he even see, with that frame I just don’t know…don’t take me along, right,I’m only the one who has to look at you 24/7.

  2. What was he thinking making a fashion decision without you? Fool! Men just don’t understand do they?

    We are HUGE fans of Phineas and Ferb in our household. I recently tweeted about the fact that I find myself singing songs from that show to myself. My rendition of Squirrels In My Pants is to die for.

  3. I’m with ya, Daphne; not a big fan of the glasses.

    My nephews LOVE Phineas & Ferb; it’s pretty funny!

    The reference to Neil Diamond was right on! That made LOL!

  4. thanks, I was hoping you’d all get it.
    Yeah, thanks for the glass back up. I do look at him, and I do host a show about fashion… repeating myself. I think he was asserting himself since i’ve confiscated most of his dork jeans.

  5. I do like Phineas and Ferb very much…I also think Wizards of Waverly place & iCarly are both very clever. I do have a problem with some of the misbehaviors of the live action shows (b/c even with serious misbehavior, the kids get little to no punishment).

    BTW, I am pretty sure the inspiration for Candace was myself…Oh my GOSH if my 2 brothers didn’t do some of the weirdest stuff and no one believed me!!

    Not sure if anyone follows iCarly…but on the show, Carly’s dad is stationed at sea with the Navy…and I think that helps my daughter while her dad is away. “See…she still gets to have fun and she knows her daddy loves her…”

  6. that’s interesting you should say that. I have a knee jerk reaction to the those live shows and I don’t allow Vivien to watch them. She knows this and if I am out of the room she says, “momma, there is a show on we don’t watch”. They all seem to cute by 5. Especially the suite life with zack and cody. they are too “mature” for my little girl. this could be it’s own blog post.

  7. Hi,,Daphne,,,!
    Eric turned me on to this website,,and Misty loves it, As for Mark don’t give him to hard of a time, but just so ya know they issued glasses just like those in the Navy we fondly refered to them as BCG’S or birth control glasses. Just so ya know. Love you guys
    Your Cuz

  8. I do agree there is some maturity there that might be over the top. Although…Maybe it’s not a great example…my mother let me watch things that when I see it now I go, “Oooh…this movie makes so much more sense now that I’m old enough for innuendo!” My mom says thats why she didn’t have a problem with me watching it. She knew I wouldn’t “get it”.

    I skip episodes with lots of “oooh my new boyfriend” action and we did have an iCarly ban for a few weeks after Carly threw a fit over not getting her way and not two hours later my kid was throwing the EXACT same fit. Nuh-uh!

    Would definitely be a good topic for a blog post! :)

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