Wendy Williams Show

As you read this I will probably already be in NYC. I am leaving at the crack of dawn for a one-night trip to be on the Wendy Williams show. I was asked to be on because of Momversation and Cool Mom. Specifically, they would like me to riff on my bit about how I hate the cutesy names for private parts. That’s good TV. Looks like a fun show to do.

Today is also my Birthday!!! I’m kind of relieved to not have to worry about what I’m going to do on my bday. I will have dinner with a couple of friends in NY, and that’s all I will have time for. I do the show Tuesday morning, and then I want to get Wendy on my little video camera. She has a big, fun personality, and she is a mom, so I think that could be some good Cool Mom material. Then I’m going to have lunch with my fabulous stepdaughter and fly home.

Wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Show

  1. Happy Birthday, Daphne!! Is there any way you can fit some shopping in? I’d love to see what the stuff is like in NY, California has such different taste from them.

    Have a wonderful dinner, and remember all the details. Details, details…for the rest of us out here with no lives. 🙂

  2. I was watching the Wendy Williams show and decided to look up your site once she mentioned it. I hope to find it interesting.

  3. I tell my kids to call their privates my lill man lol and my lill girl. lol. might be funny I also like the way Klhoe Kardashian’s way of calling it “vajaja” lol.

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