Happy Birthday to Me!

I have never been away from home on my bday. But since the opportunity came up to be on The Wendy Williams Show, and it worked fine with Mark’ s schedule, I figured, what fun! The other thing I’m missing by being here is my Aunt Marcella’s funeral. She is my mom’s older sister and only sibling. She passed last Saturday. Heart attack, stroke, and went fast. She was my last aunt and the one I was closest to. She lived close to where I went to college so sometimes when I was homesick I would go and stay the weekend at her house. Her voice and intonation were so like my mom I felt comforted in her presence. She was devoutly catholic and had 7 kids in 8 years. I wish she had seen the world more, but in her whole life she never got on an airplane. I had hoped her service would be this past weekend, but it was Monday, my bday, the day I was going to nyc. My cousin mary said, “She would want you to go to new york.” I know this is true.

So, while it’s always hard to leave my babies I did enjoy watching movies on the cramped flight. The Blind Side, good, American film. No shading or nuance to the characters, but engrossing. And Men Who Stare at Goats with George Clooney and Jeff Bridges. Why didn’t I know about this one? So funny.

After trying three different rooms at the W Time Square (first two were noisy) I walked 27 blocks to meet my friend for dinner. My friend Christine was one of my producer’s on Perfect Partner, a show I hosted on Discovery 2002 – 2003. Another producer from the same show and a dear friend Brian showed up for a few minutes as well. You know friends who you don’t see for a year, and it’s like no time has passed? They are those type of friends. We had a lot at Cookshop in Chelsea. All good, but not as good as my husband’s restaurants!

We settled a few life issues and got a little buzzed. Christine treated me, which was far too generous. Then we walked in the rain to the subway. When she had to transfer trains at time square and I had a few blocks to walk to my hotel I felt a little sad for the first time. It was my birthday, and I wasn’t with my kids or husband. It is also the first birthday I can think of where my dad hasn’t called me, but he doesn’t know how to use a phone anymore. He probably doesn’t know what day it is. This makes me very sad.

As I walked up the street, glad I had worn my long parka with a hood, the rain blanketed all. I walked briskly, but not in a panic. I didn’t need an umbrella. It felt good. I am walking in Manhattan in the rain. I am alive. I am feeling things. I am lucky.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. reading your post made me get a little misty. i’m so sorry you’re feeling sad on your bday. i wish your dad was in a better place.
    i’m glad you had a fun time with your friends and are enjoying nyc, albeit rainy and wet. at least it’s not snowing!!
    happy birthday, daphne!

  2. The important question is, did you treat yourself to some wardrobe therapy? That’s what I”d like to see. Say Yes, b/c I love me some new pretty things…

    Happy Birthday, Daphne! I’m sure Mark will absolutely have a little surprise for you waiting when you get home.

  3. Happy Birthday, Daphne.

    I’m there with you on the first time a parent doesn’t call on your birthday. With me, it was my mother about five or six years ago. We didn’t know she was exhibiting the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She died a few weeks ago. My birthday is in a few days. I’m taking that last line of your post and keeping it in mind. Thanks.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Getting outside your usual life and enjoying the company of friends, getting a bit blitzed and being in the Big City.

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. I had one similar and miss her still some 20 years later. She was that wonderful.

    Cheers on another year. The alternative sucks 🙂

    Hoping you get to spend some quality time with your Dad very soon.

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