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  1. i’m right with you daphne. i think car alarms were useful for about the first 2 weeks they were on the market and all the beeping auto-locks.. gah! I hate when i’m driving my parent’s car (on visits), as it has a beep for everything. I feel like i’m going to wake the neighbors when i lock the car after returning home from a night out.

  2. Know what, aside from the boredom and all the non-personality disorders in a small town, maybe it’s’ not so bad living here after all.

    Though, I haven’t heard a thing for ..like…15 years?

    Car alarm? What’s that for 🙂

  3. Ehh…I…live in military housing. My neighbors and I are all right on top of each other. Before I got here there was some “wife drama” that ended with MPs coming out, and a husband was even brought back from deployment to stay with one of the victims of this intense drama-trauma.

    I bought my car used. I had no say in what type of security it had. It had what it had, and I needed a vehicle that worked. When I hit the lock button, I hit it a second time to arm it. It gives a short honk…but probably less annoying than when I accidentally lean on the horn when trying to reach for something that fell onto the floor.

    Recently I was upstairs taking a nap with my 2 year old and awoke to my alarm going off. I went outside, there was no one around…but there were some very obvious marks in the dirt where someone was trying to peer in. Another time I think it was set off by some neighborhood kids messing around.

    I didn’t know about all this neighborhood drama when I moved in. I made friends with the neighbor lady cuz our kids are the same age, and we share some interests. She was one of the victims from earlier in the year. And now b/c I was friends with HER the other neighbors were snubbing me. A couple of nights I could hear people right outside my house cussing and talking crap about me. The lady next door had her house vandalized a few times…and it’s just been very weird and childish. Luckily one set of problem people have moved, the other are moving soon (b/c of the offenses against them they have to…although it coincides with a military transfer, so they were permitted to stay until the transfer).

    So…My alarm is staying ON. I park in the garage when I can…but there are times during the day when I don’t bother…and I like knowing that I will hear it going off if someone might be bothering it.

    Sorry if I wake up your kid…I’ll agree to turn my alarm off if you’ll drive me to the grocery store when my tires get slashed! 😉

  4. I agree.

    Hey, when mine were little I battled running over and killing the high school band teacher who led the drum team SEVERAL times a day behind our house.

    Never did but jokingly told him off when my kids hit middle school and were among those out there banging the freaking drums.

    With little nappers silence is golden. I feel your pain.

  5. I have to say that the beep beep bothers me way more than the alarms. I can tune the alarm out now but that beep beep drives me crazy. There is a feature to turn the beep beep off and I wish that more people would take the 2 seconds to disable the sound.

  6. thank you for the great little vid. Well, things just seem to get worse about this, at least where I live. The bee-beep or chirrupping that some remote car locking systems were using is now linked to car horns (Honda started it) , so now it is car horns sounding all day long as people lock their cars, forget something, honk, honk, and lock it again, another horn honk. If you work at night, it is impossible to sleep during the day, and increasingly, we are hearing these later and later at night. Are people stupid, ignorant, or just do not care about anyone else is the question. In our city (Toronto) I am trying to get interest roused about this by approaching our mayoralty candidates (it is an election year) by presenting it as a safety issue. Bicycle riders rely on horn signals by drivers to alert them, but horns from parked cars nullify this. I am a Liberatarian and hate excessive bylaws, but in this case I think one is needed. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, esp. if you know of anyplace bylaws like this have been enacted.

  7. hi again, just as an ademdum to my rant, my vehicle came with the horn sounding system, which I switched to lights only, so your headlights flash when you lock it. And of course, someone had to point out (not kidding about this), that this is fine for me, but what about blind people? When I actually asked how many blind people have driver’s licensces, the person realized what a stupid question that was. As I say, is it stupidity, ignorance, or just you don’t give a shit about anyone else?

  8. I couldn’t have said it better myself! We should make it legal for thieves to steal a car, and for neighbors to vandalize it, if its alarm is going off. The owners need to be shown the consequences of their hubris. If the police catch an alarm going off, the penalty should be confiscation of the vehicle. I also can’t believe people would squander up to $1000 on something far more useless than even the Mongolian Navy. Furthermore, I fully support the death penalty for car alarm company CEOs.

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