Wendy Part 2

What a surprise. Going to NYC and back in 36 hours has left me tired and with greasy hair.

Okay, so I got up early Tuesday morning to pump and shower before the car picked me up to take me to The Wendy Williams Show. I am not going to order $20 coffee in the hotel so I popped next door to get one at one of the those little deli places that NY is lousy with. Sadly, this  was one that didn’t have espresso.  And I’m an admitted COFFEE SNOB. I got a cup of what tasted like cardboard steaming hot. I didn’t want to be late so even though I belatedly saw a Starbucks across the street I jumped into the waiting car. Even at the TV Guide Channel they will get coffee for a guest, so I figured I’d be safe.

I had a cute little dressing room waiting for me. Fancy. They had bagels and something in a plastic tub for me. Great, cream cheese. Well, can’t watch my girlish figure when I’m tired. I lathered on a smearful, took a bite and had to spit it out. It was butter. Butter is good, but I need to know it’s coming.

Across the hall in another dressing room I saw a familiar face. I was still pre-coffee, so it took me a minute to realize who it was. Life and Style editor Rachel Zalis. She has been a guest on Fashion Team many times. Hugs when I walked over and I saw that she had a fruit plate and cream cheese.

“You have fruit.” I see how I rate.

“You can have some.” she offered. I’m not proud. I took grapes and some cream cheese. She was doing a segment on spring trends. (I’d skip the hippie prints but,the bright blue and flowers, cute.)

I tried to ask in the kindest least diva way that I really needed a triple espresso. After they decided they liked my pink dress over my orange red dress I was led to D’angelo, make-up artist and all around nice guy. I tried to make small talk but kept thinking of my triple espresso that would soon open up my brain.

“Here you go.” The gal proffered a cup from Dunkin Donuts. Oh, no. Um, thanks. I tasted it. Cardboard with milk.

“No, sorry. I can’t.” D’angelo agreed I needed better coffee.  But, now I was worried it was becoming too much of a drama. A PA was asked, and then a producer, then someone else. I was made up and was a tad worried I would have to go on without my triple espresso, which would make it darn near impossible to have Wendy Williams energy.I stole some more fruit from Rachel Zalis’s room and waited.  Meanwhile the stage manager brought me downstairs to rehearse the show open. On Wendy’s show a guest opens the show. I had my hair up in hair clips and no coffee as I entered the studio of fun. The music was pumping, and the audience was already jumping around as only a NY audience can. There is a reason shows prefer to tape in NY over LA. Because unless you are The Price Is Right, LA audiences are more mellow, jaded, and lackluster. If you have a B or C show (as in all of the shows I’ve ever been host of) you will need to pay your audience. But in the tri-state area, they are excited to be there.

So Martin Short’s doppelganger showed me how he would count me down to say something along the lines of “Hi, I’m Daphne Brogdon of Los Angeles, California and today on Wendy Williams..” (something about the octomom) and some other stuff and then I deliver her signature line “How YOU doing?”  And the emphasis is on the YOU, not the Doing. Then I say, “Here is Wendy!”.

“And she will come out, hug you and you sit down in the front row of the audience and in segment 2 she will ask you about Momversation.” Cool. If I could just get that espresso.

As God as my witness I will never show up to a taping without having pre-coffeed.

I went back up and didn’t hear at first what this new face was saying to me.

“You asked for a triple espresso?”

I nodded.

“There it is.” She point to the cup near my tub of butter.Oh, sweet joy.

I threw it down my throat and felt my brain chemistry align.

Do you ever have a nervous bladder? You are about to walk the door of your house and even though you don’t think you have to pee you get worried that you will be driving or in a subway and you will have to pee so do a prophylactic pee? Well, that’s how I am before taping a live show. Would if I have to pee just as Wendy hugs me?

I’m whisked downstairs to more great contemporary dance hits that I have NO idea who or what performs. I keep asking the young gal next to me. “Who does this song?” Because I notice others seem to know all the words and perhaps they don’t live under a rock like myself. I’m such a mom.


“HI, I’m Daphne Brogdon… and “How YOU doing!” Martin Short gives me the thumbs up. Then:

“Here’s Wendy!!!”

She did hug me.  And in segment two she introduced me and asked me about Momversation. I got a quick plug in for cool mom, and we quickly chatted about the topic of how I hate cute names for privates. She agreed with me, btw.

After my segment was over the producer asked me on the break if I wanted to go back to my dressing room.

“I think I should stay.” I was into it now. Sitting with my new young friends from Jersey or wherever, clapping to the music. The one thing that throws me though is the audience had all been briefed on when to jump up and to follow the stage directors cues. Applause, stand up, sit down. Not only am I more use to being on stage then the audience I’m also from LA, which means I’m mellow, jaded, and lackluster. Martin Short had to shoot me a look a couple times as if to say, “Get up.”

But it’s a fun show, and it went by quickly.

Afterwards I cooled my heels in “my room;” it had my name on it. I was waiting for Wendy to do her promos and then I was going to break out the flip and do a little cool mom vid with her.

Me: “OMG, I’m in Wendy Williams dressing room!” I had to bring the tri-state energy. She is very warm, and we had a nice little chat that I will play soon. She was forthcoming about the challenges of when she was a new mom and being a working mom. She was very interested in the world of mom blogging and wanted to know more about it. I was thinking, frig mom blogging, you have your own syndicated show. But think she got how it’s a nice support for the regular gal.

I jumped back into my jeans and cabbed down to meet my stepdaughter Vanessa. She always knows the cool places to go in NYC. We ate at the Breslin in the Ace hotel. Loved seeing her. She went off to work and I did do retail therapy. I wanted to buy everything in Kate Spade, but way too spendy. Got two blouses. One at Intermix, not cheap, and H&M, cheap. I hoofed it back to the Ace where I had boarded my bag and had one thing to do before I got in my waiting car. In the Ace they have a great coffee bar. I didn’t want to get on my 6 hour flight without pre-coffeeing.  Dang, it was good.

4 thoughts on “Wendy Part 2

  1. I hear you. I’ve been off caffeine for the better part of two years, and the mornings just ARE NOT the same. My get up and go got up and left. 😉

    I enjoyed your story. I’ll be back.

  2. omg, how can you function without the big C. Number one reason why I could never be a mormon or a police officer because they are always getting their coffee at donut shops.

  3. Pictures of the blouses, please!!!

    Loved your “prophylactic pee” and the knowing that you have the same registered surprise at how everyone else knows the lyrics of songs playing, but you!!

    I remember at age 15, swearing with my BFF then, that we’d NEV-ER not know the words to the top ten that week. Wow,huh?

    Thanks for the “virtual trip” for us…I don’t know how you do all you do, Daphne…but I think you’ve got it all: beautiful, very smart, funny, and humble. You’re the whole dang package.

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