Easter at The Fashion Team

Isn’t this what all moms look like at work?

Vivien and Rex were part of our Spring Fashion show. It re-airs Monday at 7pm and repeats during the week. DVR “The Fashion Team” to check it out. Vivien charged into the studio full of pluck but shrunk down when I got her in front of the cameras.

“But these are all mommy’s friends; it’s ok.” She clung to me. “You get to keep the outfit if you face the cameras”. A window into what I would be like if I entered my daughter in pageants. Smile! She faced the cameras but looked stern the whole time. She was first on TV when she was 10 months so I thought she might have gotten use to it, but I guess not.

Strangely Rex was perfect. Sat down and faced the camera and didn’t cry or crawl. He played with the candy boxes. The clothes are from Old Navy and are inexpensive and cute.

Very funny to be all dolled up holding my kids. So not the norm. Would love to strut into pre-school drop-off in that get up. I also had huge gold Michael Kors platforms. They wouldn’t recognize me.

Also on the show is Lauren Conrad of The Hills fame.

Nice girl. She has a mini empire now. On the show we discussed her line of clothes for Kohls and a book she wrote. But off camera I broke the ice the best way I know how.

“Poor Sandra Bullock!” We were off to the races. She agreed. How humiliating, and she didn’t even get time to enjoy her Oscar win.

6 thoughts on “Easter at The Fashion Team

  1. O. M. G.

    I always thought you were extremely pretty, but you look STUNNING in these pics. Seriously, why can’t we all have hair and makeup people every day??? Life would be so much better….

    A propos of your (much) earlier post about silly things that happen when we’re tired….I thought of you last week when I went to pull my cell phone out of my purse and instead found…..the real phone. I had apparently grabbed it and thrown it into my bag while leaving the house in a flurry, leaving the actual cell phone on the counter. Nice.

  2. So cute and Daphne, you look AMAZING! Baum Chica Bau Bau

    Just watched your last two vlogs … WW is hilarious … cool to know she’s a mom of an only son (me too).

  3. wel thanks friends, mind you I had a pro do my hair and make up for 90 minutes! And a wardrobe department pick out that dress and suck in my gut with spanx that were safety pinned to my bra. My big hooker platforms were strangely comfy though. Glad you think I look good, bc when I saw the pics I thought I looked like Lauren Conrad’s mom.

    but how about those cute kids!
    The phone thing is very funny!
    yes, motherhood is a great leveler.

  4. Um, you are way prettier than LC. She is more cute in a generic California way. You are full-on gorgeous. She should be so lucky!!!

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