Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

When I got home from my trip, I felt a big surge of love for my husband. He had totally dealt with the kids. He had come early to let Dolly go home at a decent time, as opposed to letting it ride when I’m here. He even bailed on work one night because Vivien said she wanted him home. Ahhh, that’s my guy.

I got on an earlier plane and called them from the airport so Vivien stayed up for me. Also, she wanted to give me my birthday present, a coffee mug that she made with Mark at Color Me Mine.

“Momma, is it okay that there is some purple here?” It was more than okay. So sweet. Granted it probably cost $40 by the time it was done, but she had fun making it.

And I got what I really wanted for my birthday: two new nightgowns. They were EXACTLY what I wanted. Old-fashioned, short-sleeved, knee-length, vaguely house coats. My old gowns were literally fraying so it was time to set them ablaze. Or whatever you do with old nighties.

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

  1. Is that one of the new nightgowns in the picture? B/c it looks very nice. Where did you (he) get them if you don’t mind my asking? Always looking for quality sleepwear 🙂

  2. I love how you sound exactly the same in your writing as you do when speaking. I could practically hear the “Aww, that’s my guy.” And he cooks, amazing!!!

  3. ah thanks all.. well, I’ve sen some nice nighties at Sears, but Mark got these at Nordstorms…with Vivien’s help.
    I think the old nightie will be featured in an upcoming cool mom vid… then I chuck it.
    oh, and yes, new nightie in the pic. the other one is similar and greenish.

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