Water Wings

Okay, so we are all in Palm Springs for break. And though it’s never restful to travel with small children, it’s still great to all be together in a different topography. One major milestone from this trip has been Vivien conquering the pool. I have tried to get her to swim every summer since she was 2 and half. First time we got a little bit done, last summer, was a non-starter. She likes to sit on the steps. So we are here, and her best friend Avery is with us who is a great little swimmer. I thought maybe that would encourage her to even swim out with mom or dad past the steps. No.

Then Avery’s mom, my friend Renee, had to run to Target for some stuff, and she came back with water wings.

“Has Vivien tried these?” No, I said. All the teachers told me not to get them for her, that it would inhibit her from swimming. Renee gave me a “yeah, right” look.

“Avery started on these.” As her little 4 year old  dove in the deep end and swam the length of the pool. Time to give them a try…
First through guidance and then on her own, Vivien went the length of the pool FIVE times in her water wings. She has made friends with the pool, with the water. She has gotten some confidence. It’s building blocks. It was very exciting, and I could tell how proud of herself she was and she was please that we were.

Moral of the story? Don’t listen to teachers.

7 thoughts on “Water Wings

  1. That’s how I learned to swim, with floaties…er…water wings.. 🙂

    Don’t listen to teachers is right, or how Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of NYC said not too long ago,”don’t listen to well meaning morons.” LOL

  2. I gave my kid water wings…she’s never had lessons, so I’ve never had to listen to a teacher. I just get her in the water with me, showed her how *I* do it…then held her belly so she could try it…then little by little I held her up less in the water until she was IN the water and my hands were only touching, no longer holding her.

  3. I love water wings!! My kids learned to swim in them. The teachers told me not to get them, either….that they had to learn “confidence” on their own. Hard to learn that when you’re afraid of the water. The water wings took their fear away, and they became confident.

    I love water wings. We all get smarter after the first one, the poor things.

    Love this picture of Viv. Made me smile.

  4. thanks! yes, think she just needed something to help her not feel scared. Mom and dad and teacher weren’t doing it. course, they’d also be out of a job..

  5. Gee I am glad no one ever told me that. Using wings from age 2, daughter was swimming on her own without them by age 4. Teachers are sometimes not living in the real world. The trick is to get her in the pool having fun (not in lessons) on a regular basis, then deflate them ever so slightly as the summer goes on. She will be wingless in no time.

  6. I can tell you as a swim instructor we hate them, BUT as an aunt and (LOL) grandma I absolutely love them. The key is supervision. Working in the aquatics industry I see alot of parents depend on them way too much. Used properly they are a GREAT stepping stone tool!

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