Nicole Sullivan

Hey, I finally got the rest of the vids edited that I shot at that event from a few weeks ago, when I spoke to Busy Phillips.  Here I speak with Nicole Sullivan, most well known as the funny lady from her stint on Mad TV. I met her at an improv festival back in the 90’s.  She was dating a friend of mine and people were whispering, “She just got cast on a new TV show, Mad TV”  aka, she hit the big time.  I think she was ready to move on from her date as well, at least that’s the vibe I got.

Anyway, I reminded her of our meeting like 15 years ago and interviewed her for the Fashion Team.  She is probably in an ad on this site right now as she has lost the baby weight from her second baby on Jenny Craig. I asked her about that and she said it helped her with portion control.

She is a very nice person and though it’s noisy, and the lights were going in and out back stage before the fashion show I think it’s a cute interview.  Moms, improv and chuckles.

Rex’s First Class

A friend said, “When you have one child, it’s all about the first born, then when you have a second, it’s all about the first born.”

So I decided Rex needed something that was just for him for a change.  Not his sister or his dad taking him along to the restaurant, or mom dragging him along to work or exercising or what she needed to do, but just him. Although he does enjoy the post workout time with the babies and moms at Stroller Strides.

By the time Vivien was 6 weeks old she had been attending four classes and was ready to teach one at the Learning Annex (maybe that’s overstating it, I don’t know, those days are a blur)  But, with Rex, I’ve held off. Partly due to money and also I just didn’t see the need.

But he is almost walking and getting very active.  So I took him to Fit for kids, a place that Viv had enjoyed as a kid.  It’s a big, safe, carpeted room and the babies can amble around the ramps and slides while fun music plays.

It’s adult music like 80’s tunes and classic rock. Not kiddie music, which helps parents not go koo-koo. After the initial free play there is a circle time…a generic term for forming a circle and at some point singing and/or clapping.  Then the instructors lead the kids through obstacle courses or bring out push toys.  When they get older there is a mini zip line and more complex activities.

Rex loved it.  He loved looking at everyone and trying to go up the slide and he loved when he went through the facilitated tumbling.  But most of all the value was that he was in a large room.  So much of his life now is being hemmed in or being steered away from something he shouldn’t touch, well here he could push a plastic lawn mower across a room the length of our house and nothing would break.  You have to watch out for the toddlers who might bonk one another, but they have little chubby arms so it’s not that hard.

I ran into a friend of a friend which was nice, and best of all there is a place that sells espresso across the street, which I think is a key to motherhood.  I remember when I took these classes with Vivien I was a tad lonely.

Okay, very.

And I use to want the other mommies to be my friend.  Never really happened.  But, now that I do have parent friends, strangely, everyone seemed so friendly.  Maybe I was needy.

Big Girl Seat

I’m glad this vid didn’t reveal how trashed my car is looking.  I even got it detailed recently and it still looks like homeless people are living in it.  I took out four fistfuls of trash and clothes that needed to go inside and it’s still as cluttered as Mumbai at rush hour.

But, it’s a little less crowded with Vivien’s booster seat!

The self cut

I couldn’t get a good picture of it  She was moving around and she is on to me.  But here you can see one of the chunks.

The other side is only one long chunk away from being a mullet.  I took her to a hairdresser Saturday to fix it or at least get a trim so it would even out sooner and Viv was undone.  As Rex crawled around eating a baked good on the floor, Vivien writhed and would not sit.  The nice lady tried to soothe her while resorted to “I’ll buy you a toy if you get your haircut.”

“I’ll get you a brownie.”

Then I tried stern voice and threats. ALL failed.  I was pretty pooped since she had had a sleepover and the girls had woken me up early, so I was pretty crabby.

We got in the car and I just kept driving.  I figured we all needed to cool off.  The kids both fell asleep.  When they woke up I said I was sorry we had had a conflict.

“That’s okay mommy.”

“I love you Vivien.”

“I love you mommy.”

“Tomorrow, can we go get your hair cut?”

“No. I will never cut my hair, ever.”

Well, then you aren’t getting a brownie.

Jaw locking sandwich

I used this story as my launching off point. The attached article makes a good point that at least the guy didn’t see an opportunity to sue the sandwich maker, or the sandwich.

Years ago when I was  on a streek of dating Australian and British guys ( cute and the accent, growl) I enjoyed hearing their take on the difference between the US and their country.  US got high marks for the friendliest service, freedom to be whatever you want to be, but low marks on our personal largesse.

“look at this” one of my accented lovers would exclaim point to a plate of food in a restaurant.  “it’s too much, this is a serving for 2 or 3 people.”

“really?” I said as I shoveled part of my meal into a take out container, thinking that lunch for tomorrow was in the bag.

But, maybe they have a point.

Mark Peel’s return Top Chef Masters

Okay, I kind of forgot to warn you all my husband was back on Top Chef Masters Wednesday night. If you watched it you might know why.  He did not move on to the next round.  I appreciate the capricious nature of reality TV competition, but this is my guy.

I now what a good person he is and what a caring, careful, exact chef he is in the kitchen. His palate is far more refined than my own–by a country mile, and whatever flaws he has as a human making bad or incomplete food is NOT one of them.  So, that he was sent packing because he had to cook in a broke down pub kitchen where the oven wouldn’t work galled me.

He and the other chefs work very hard on those shows for NO MONEY.  Not so much as a complimentary saucepan.  It ‘s done just to publicize their establishments.  And they take a risk as Mark did because they don’t want prospective new diners to get the idea that if they come to their eateries they are going to be served elimination worthy food.  Mark is an award winning chef who has built successful food establishments.   I’m a little irked about how it played out. He is not a sore loser, but I can be one for him.

I’m sure they will repeat it 45 times if you missed it and they will show it on  Word to the wise, reality shows are scenario shows, made up circumstances.  Not real life.

But, I bet you knew that.

fiesty girl

Really, this is suppose to be a video driven site, but gosh, still having some technical issues. They are coming…I hope. In the meantime, let’s talk about my fiesty gal.
Vivien is a nice girl, but like all kids she can have her moments. She is very sweet to her little brother, most of the time. But, when her beloved older cousin Charlie comes over she doesn’t want to share him with Rex. At 12 Charlie is a sport about playing a 4 and half year old. They had started a game of pirate ship using her pop up princess castle when Rex crawled in. He loves being where Vivien is and loves climbing in and out of the castle. But, shiver me timbers, Vivien ejected Rex from the castle like he was a drunk hanging out after last call.

For her friends’ party this weekend for the time EVER she asked to have her hair put in pony tails. I was so excited and she looked so cute. I had visions of cute little girl dos.

But, as we were getting the two of them ready for bed last night Vivien was left alone in her bathroom for a few minutes. I saw a chunk of her hair on the floor.
“Vivien, what have you done?”
“nothing” she looked scared.
“Where are the scissors?”
“no where.”

I opened the drawer to the vanity. Little did I know she had smuggled in a small pair of scissors. I ran my fingers through her hair and more chunks came out.
“oh, Vivien”. I didn’t handle it with good humor. More like, “oh,no, your pretty hair!”
She started to cry and Mark ran in and kept saying, “it’s fine, it’s fine” as I commanded him to put all scissors to higher ground.
He admonished me later that I made to much of it.
This morning I see that she kind of has a shag….sort of. Maybe if I leave the scissors out she can finish it off and have a full Suzi Quatro look.

Beautiful Mom

There is much in the media about mom’s being competitive.  I think it is overstated. I can see when someone is richer, smart, thinner than me and maybe if I was younger I would try to trump them.  Now, it’s like, oh, wish I was thin, rich, whatever.  But, here I am.  And sometimes a mom rises above the crowd, not in a bad way, but in a way you have to admire.

TV Hospital versus Real life hospital

I’ve mentioned before about my dad’s declining health.  Well, it seems like it’s taken another step down.  Imagine a terraced yard.  Just when I get use to the view from one level, and it’s short comings, comes another step down.  Soon I will be in the street run over by traffic.

My dad has dementia.  And we decided assisted living was best for him 3 years ago, he was still pretty with it, but we didn’t want him to be alone.  I would take him out once a week for a meal or a movie.  Not a full life, but okay.  Then not only did he drop down more, so did I.  Madoff and a new baby made my weekly visits bi weekly.  And he was now using a walker, I couldn’t fit a walker and stroller in the car at the same time so I had to figure that in, and frankly, I was just more stressed, and sometimes visiting him was stressful.

Little did I know that would seem like the golden days.  In the last month he has been in the hospital twice.  Honestly, for nothing serious.  But, the first visit, combined with a change in meds pushed him further away from us.

Today I saw my dad and he said, “where are my girls?”  Meaning his daughters.  I told him I was here and that my sister’s would see him on another day.

Then I said, “you know who I am don’t you?”

His face lost some of the anxious mask he wears now, almost a little expression like his old self.

“I do, but why don’t you remind me.”

“I’m Daphne, I’m your daughter.”  And my heart broke a little.

Then he gripped my hands so tight.

“who am I forgetting?”

I named everyone in our family.  He long ago told me that when he is flying at take off he always recites the names of my mom and myself and my sisters like the Holy Trinity.  It was his prayer for our safety and for his.  I told him we are all okay.

“you are okay dad”, knowing that’s a lie.  The care giver he was with was someone my dad had told me about several times, he liked him, but now he didn’t see him.  I told him he was safe and that I would come again.

At one point when he looked hard into my eyes I saw a montage like a movie of my dad through my life.  A slim, well dressed, well coiffed man in the early ’70’s, more stout but still charming in the ’80’s. joyful at my wedding and even a few months ago at my home for his birthday.  I was searching for what was similar now. My father is a flawed man.  And has not led an exemplary life, but we could all be guaranteed that my dad made the biggest fuss over us.  He loved seeing his daughters.  A month ago he grabbed for Rex, trying to kiss him as Rex squirmed away from the non parent hands.  Now, he barely registered his presence.  Only a few weeks ago dad would have exclaimed, “look at you my boy!”

I know many others have gone through this.  And I guess it’s my turn, my families turn.  But, it totally blows.

This vlog was inspired by his most trip to the ER.

moving to higher ground

Rex is now standing and NEARLY walking.  And we know what that means?  He clears everything in his path.  I’d like to think that the shelves in my office cubby at home would have been organized if not for Rex clearing the lower shelfs causing us to move our papers and such out of Rex reach. But, truth is, it would still be a mess, just a mess on more shelves.  So that’s cool Rex, have at it!giving me the raspberry