My Civil War

Hey, thanks for bearing with me. Getting vids up a little late due to spring break. A friend said to me today, “You aren’t tan.”

I don’t tan. I don’t burn. I’m like an android. I get a tad rosey, and that’s it. Anyway, part of what’s fun about a family vacation is you all get to spend time together. No going off to work or school. Just us.

Once we are home everyone falls back into their same habits. And, well…

Look, no marriage is perfect…

15 thoughts on “My Civil War

  1. DARLING!! Our husbands are kindred spirits. No joke…on the bookshelf nearest my head right now:

    Shelby Foote – Stars in their courses; The Gettysburg Campaign
    W.C. Storrick – GETTYSBURG Battle & Battlefied
    The Civil War Almanac
    John P. Dyer – The Gallant Hood
    Collected by his son – The Recollections & Letters of Robert E Lee
    Philip Van Doren Stern – Secret Missions of the Civil War
    James Ronald Kennedy – The South Was Right
    Webb Garrison – More Civil War Curiosities (This makes me thinkg “Civil War Curiosities” is somewhere.)

    There is also a box filled with Shelby Foote books in my garage (we only moved in 4 months ago…).

    Sometimes I will go into the DVR to watch one of my shows…and find it did not record. Why? Because my husband has recorded The Battle of Bull Run or something horribly STUPID. URGH.

    My husband is in Afghanistan. He didn’t want me to make him copies of our wedding photos or anything “nah, they might get dirty or bent”…but he smuggled Civil War books into his duffle!!

  2. Maegan, that’s a lot of titles. “the shout was right” is a little scary, unless it’s about hospitality or ice tea.
    it’s like I heard years ago, “guys know stuff about tanks.”

    the economics thing sounds kind of cool since I find it so hard to wrap my head around and that could be useful.

  3. When my husband gets silent it’s because he’s sneaked back to the den to check golf scores or his fantasy (**insert sport o’ the day here**) team results on the computer. I only WISH my husband would read a book…any book! 😉

  4. I haven’t read the “South was Right” book…but I don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds, lol.

    “An Authoritative & documented study of the mythology behind CW history & its lasting effects on contemporary society, TSWR uncovers evidence that the South was an independant country invaded, captured, and occupied by a vicious aggressor…”

    I don’t think its saying Slavery was okay or anything, lol…One of the bits on the inside says, “There was no shining Northern force fighting a moral battle for the sake of ending slavery. There was no oppressive Southern force fighting to preserve it either.”

    It talks a lot about economics…Ianned, your husband may like it. 😉

  5. Okay, so I can’t relate to this on a husband level, however…

    My dad (history teacher/guidance counselor) would schedule “side trips” on our way home to Ohio from Myrtle Beach each summer. These “side trips” were typically battle fields of the Civil War. I kid you not, one summer, we were in the back seat of the Impala, stuck to the pleather, the AC was shot, holding ice cubes to our chests in a poor attempt to keep from dying of heat exahustion, and he was bubbling, no frothing, over with excitement as we drove into Gettysburg. Suddenly it was all, “Hey! Kids, get out of the car! Look, it is LITTLE ROUND TOP!” I’ve never seen my dad move so fast. He bounded up the hill on those little bird-like legs of his as though a pot of gold was up at the top of that rocky out-cropping, whereas my brothers and I (mom wisely remained in the shade) stumbled, whiningly, up the hot hill after dad. Once we were up there he practically re-enacted the entire battle for us. It was like that at every. Single. Stop.

    We even had to stay at some dingy motel because it was Gen. Lee’s headquarters during the battle. No joke.

    And so went our vacations each summer…fun times at the beach followed by American history 101. A few Christmases ago I bought my dad a boxed set of Ken Burns’ The Civil War, and we all sat down and watched the entire thing in one day while eating cookies and milk. Oh the memories…

  6. Love it – so true. My answer to him, as he’s lounging on the couch, remote in hand (why? he ain’t gonna change the channel), watching the latest installment of the HIstory Channel is –

    You know how it turns out! Germany loses!

    Come on!!! And they are SO simple. You’d think he’d at least change the channel to How to Get My House clean or Oprah, to try and throw me off the scent. But he never does…. Its like taking candy from a baby. No need to hire a detective – he’s so easy to bust.

    Don’t EVEN get me start on Survivorman….

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