Busy Philipps

I first noticed Busy as the wild single side kick to Courteney Cox on “Cougar Town”. Pretty and funny, I did not know that she is also a mom.  I was at a fundraiser for Joyful heart, Mariska Hargitay’s charity to help empower abused women. Sidebar, those heavy scripts she has to play on “Law and Order:SVU” (so heavy I can’t watch them) inspired her to start this organization.  So, they had a fashion show where TV actresses modeled vintage dresses with modern updates.  They all looked great. “The Fashion Team” was there for a story and I, ever the sneak, kept pulling out my little camera and taping stuff for Cool Mom. This is the first of three vids from the event.

By the way, Busy says that Courteney is honest about working on keeping her insane figure. “She hasn’t had a carb in 20 years.”  I so prefer that story then the “I eat burritos, and I have a fast metabolism” blather, which makes me want to shove an eclair in their face. No carbs for 20 years? Wow, that’s tough. But, then she is a millionaire, so there is that.

Busy is more charming, pretty and fun even than on her show. The sound is a little challenging. Oh, and it was provident that I ran into her because the night before my friend Heather (a fab, single gal) had gotten the “let’s just be friends” blather from a guy who seemed promising. She loves Busy, so I start it off with a shout out to her.

6 thoughts on “Busy Philipps

  1. Daphne,
    Loved watching you on tv ever since cnet or that Dvorak thing you used to do. Is your iTunes feed busted? I love your videos; they could be a few minutes longer in my book.

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