Desert Chic

Saw that some comments came in about my oh-so-fab swim cap. Yes, I do have old lady aesthetic. And since I hope in my later years to be one of those older gals you see in Palm Springs with a short coiffed blond do, thin pink pants, and a fun top walking from my golf/tennis game on the way to have a cocktail with my partially deaf husband who doesn’t mind that I drop change on the ground hoping the pool boy, Hector, bends over to pick it up, yes, I love this swim cap.

I have the hair of a boar, so it’s easier not to have to wash and style too often. My dad’s ex-girlfriend Pat bought it for me in Vegas. She had one on at my wedding, and my sisters and I were all aflutter over it. She kindly bought them for us. It has a great vintage look to it. I did a little search and found this site that has some cute ones. Why would I get one of those speedo types that look like you would do some serious swimming in? I’ll be doggy paddling with Angie Dickinson, thank you!

Note, the photo in the lower right corner is of us and our friends at the Palm Springs Tramway. It is pretty cool to be taken up that high, that fast into a different climate. The picture should have been super cheese, with the fake background green-screened on, but we loved it.

3 thoughts on “Desert Chic

  1. Thanks Daphne! I have the black turban style coming soon. I dye my hair dark red. I don’t have to tell you what pool water does to my color. So I very rarely jump into the pool with the kids. This year I’m all set.

  2. Love love love the petal one! Saw a bunch of ppl wearing them at a summer camp theme party last July or August.
    Remember my Palm Springs ‘pool hair’? That hair pony tail holder thingie? 😉

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