Kate Gosselin on the Dancing show

I watch Dancing with the Stars every season.  Now, I watch it after it’s been DVR’d or Tivoed, because there is a lot I have to fast forward through ( results night?  boring) And thank god Samantha Harris is gone since she couldn’t improvise her way out of paper dress.  Brooke Burke is much better.  And BB was a guest on my tv show once, nice gal, Hi Brooke!

Now, Kate Gosselin is not a very good dancer. And I was kind of surprised when her partner Tony got all hot on the collar with her.  I mean he was practically sitting in Jane Seymour’s lap when she as on.  Think he loves the ladies and the ladies love him.  But, she is not a performer and think people are being a tad to mean about her participation.  I often root for the non dancers.  I man of course Buzz Aldrin is going to stand up to that sweet, gay Olympic skater ( what, he hasn’t come out yet?  oh, my bad), but I still like to see Buzz and his original wife on the sidelines.

Now, I will give the critics one point.  When she danced to Lady GaGa’s “paprazzi” and talked about being harassed by them I kept want them to pan to Pam Anderson going, “ah, yeah, hey over here, they follow me and I don’t complain.”  But, the producers set Kate up for that one.  I really doubt Ms. Gosselin was all, “hey, let’s throw down a bull fire number to that hot track from Lady GaGa”

I mean at least I know who Kate Gosselin is.  There are at least 5 people on that show I don’t have a clue who they are.  One’s from a soap, one is a football player and that Bachelor guy, ka-shoo.

Buzz’s departure was a bummer.  I hope they don’t vote off the known people who have a personality.  If the contestants don’t have any flavor then you know what it will look like? This season of American Idol.

9 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin on the Dancing show

  1. Thank you for not hating on Kate. I almost didn’t read this entry because I really am tired of everyone criticizing Kate’s dancing. She’s been very open about her lack of dancing, and, while I’ve never watched the show before, I thought the premise was to have celebrities on, who have no dance experience, dance and become better dancers in the process. Granted, Kate’s level of celebrity is not quite all that high, I agree, there are some of the duo’s (the soap star namely) who I had no idea who the dancer and who the celebrity was… so in that sense, Kate and Pam Anderson are probably the most famous of the crew.
    Also, you didn’t mention the ratings, DWTS is pulling in #1 in the ratings — I think they should thank Kate for that.
    And I totally agree about Evan, the skater — he’s gay.

  2. That “football guy” is Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco). You gotta expect something wild to come from a guy who legally changed his last name to match his jersey number (what if he gets traded!?!?) and didn’t even use correct spanish for #85. The Cincinnati population (me included) is just hoping he stays on long enough to loosen up and do something stupid/crazy/memorable. The guy gets fined $xxx,xxx dollars a year for his endzone antics. He’s gotta be planning something…

    And I don’t love Kate, but it’s like she’s in some vicious everyone hate me/love me cycle she can’t break out of. It’s not like she can just go back to her old nursing job without A TON of baggage.

  3. My husband was really pissed the year that the ice skater girl won…Kristi Yamaguchi?? Maybe. Anywho, I think that year he developed a man crush on Cristian De LaFuente.

    Isn’t ice skating sort of DANCING ON ICE? …Which I would think is much harder than dancing on just hardwood floors. I thought she shouldn’t have been on.

    We have tried to watch since…but the TV schedule got rearranged & I am a HUGE fan of How I Met Your Mother…and he loves House. They both start at 8. Sorry DWTS! Our DVR can only record 2 things at once…and you have to watch a recorded program while its “busy”.

  4. Yes, the ice skaters, have an advantage. And I remember Cristian hot dude la fuente, don’t know what he was famous for though.
    The judges do act like they are suppose to know all the dance moves. I actually voted for a few of them last night. we will see what happens tonight.
    Yes, the legal name change is interesting..

  5. Have never seen the dancing show but have heard Kate is not doing well. No surprise. Sorry, not a big Kate fan..

    Think she should just head back to her kids in her million dollar mansion raise them? This is a woman who has said parenting her children is her most important role. Then go do it Kate.Or let Jon do it..

    I realize that might sound a tad sexist but come on, if Jon is expected to send his monthly checks of $20,000 shouldn’t she stay home and parent the children?

    If not, and fair enough, she could agree to have the kids’ father take more of the parental responsibilities and cut back on her phenomenal monthly financial support.

    I mean come on people. This is a couple that has whored out their kids and personal lives for the past 5 plus years. They have money. They have money for the kids’ educations if we are to believe them.

    Sell the big ass house and spend some time PARENTING your children!!

    Sorry Daphne, you apparently hit a tender spot in me… 🙁

  6. Amy – there are several holes in your argument.
    1. Jon does not have a job – how do you suggest he make his $20,000/month child support payments?
    2. I believe that they do have money put aside for the children’s education, but as far as their financial status, how can you assume you know how well off they are? Do you know that up until a few months ago, they were still making payments on their old house?
    3. As Kate said on the Today show this morning, would you rather her go back to nursing? She’d have to work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, really never see her kids, and still not make as much money as she’s making now. Plus – who’d hire her? Or, who’d hire her for the right reasons?
    4. Why, as women, are we so hard on each other? You seem to be pretty up on Jon and Kate – don’t you feel at all for her? Look at Jon – look at what he put her through this last year. Countless affairs, poor choices, images and stories about him that will forever be accessible for their children to google. What can you say negative about Kate? She’s working too much? She was snippy to Jon? She’s doing what she has to do to take care of her kids. She’s making money the only way, at this point in her life, that she can. I don’t love her, but, as a woman and as a mother, I support her and the struggles she has and is going through. Perhaps you should do the same.

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