Do you need to play with your kids? Momversation

I would have posted this earlier, but I was playing “Rexy Monster” with my daughter and her friend.  I hold Rex as he chases the girls.  It’s tag with a different name.  I think why not play with my kids.  Only way I’m going to get any exercise. Actually, I really adore Lenore from free range kids. I met her when we were on Dr. Phil together. I think she is spunky and not shy with her opinion which is great because in the mommy blogging world in the fear of offending people can get very muted and have the variety of a Spanish tiled roof home in Orange County. While I do play with my kids I don’t think you HAVE to. You can still be a great parent. In fact the RIE school of thought is that you get in their way if you direct their play in any way.

And speaking of tag…, I’m still learning this posting thing.  One thing they say is to tag things in your blog or vlog so that search engines find you and then you get more hits on your site.  So, Sandra Bullock, Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers…um, who else is big these days? 😉

4 thoughts on “Do you need to play with your kids? Momversation

  1. daphne, congrats on figuring out how to post this. but, why is the comment counter now above your head?
    Glad you asked Daph. I don’t know, but hopefully by next week someone will will appear who will help me.

  2. Oh, you have to get your feet wet to really learn something,it’s the only way.
    You’re doing fantastic!

    And I bet both Viv and Rex love playing dinosaur chase.

    What fun.. I’m glad I played. So many memories…and worth the sound of baby giggles..

  3. I LOVE Lenore too! She’s awesome.

    I play with my daughter but not all day long. One of the things I wanted my daughter to learn was to play by herself, and she’s very good at that. I’m a very independent person and I want my daughter to be the same way, so for me “alone time” play is imperative.

    She does loves to play with me, and there are times when I play with her and she says to me, “No! no!” and kinda waves me out.; I like the balance. I’m a SAHM so if I played with my kid all day nothing would get done! LOL

    In my own childhood experience, my mom and your mom, Daphne, were very similar. My mom rarely played with my brother and I. My mom was a SAHM in the beginning and then went back to work so she just couldn’t play with us all the time.

    On the other hand, my MIL was THE ULTIMATE PLAYING BUDDY to my hubby and his sister. She ALWAYS played with them, took them out in nature to play, etc. ALL.THE.TIME. She sometimes asks me “Do you do this or that with Gaby (my LO)? I used to do so much with my kids, blah, blah, blah..”
    And I’m like, “um, no, I haven’t but maybe I’ll try that someday.” NOT! LOL

    My husband is BIG on playtime b/c that’s how he was brought up. Our daughter loves it but sometimes I have to tell him to stop b/c she gets overwhelmed and he goes, “What’s going on?” And I say, “She’s done playing with you, leave her alone” and she’s happy afterwards.

    Bottom line: As Aristotle said, “Everything in moderation”, and that rule applies on playtime too.

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