The self cut

I couldn’t get a good picture of it  She was moving around and she is on to me.  But here you can see one of the chunks.

The other side is only one long chunk away from being a mullet.  I took her to a hairdresser Saturday to fix it or at least get a trim so it would even out sooner and Viv was undone.  As Rex crawled around eating a baked good on the floor, Vivien writhed and would not sit.  The nice lady tried to soothe her while resorted to “I’ll buy you a toy if you get your haircut.”

“I’ll get you a brownie.”

Then I tried stern voice and threats. ALL failed.  I was pretty pooped since she had had a sleepover and the girls had woken me up early, so I was pretty crabby.

We got in the car and I just kept driving.  I figured we all needed to cool off.  The kids both fell asleep.  When they woke up I said I was sorry we had had a conflict.

“That’s okay mommy.”

“I love you Vivien.”

“I love you mommy.”

“Tomorrow, can we go get your hair cut?”

“No. I will never cut my hair, ever.”

Well, then you aren’t getting a brownie.

5 thoughts on “The self cut

  1. I’d lose it if my kid did this. Micah doesn’t dare touch scissors. I think I’ve made her fear them. But who knows what the future holds?

    She was mortified the first time my aunt (a beautician) trimmed her hair. She watched the hair fall to ground, horrified. No tears, though, and she was 2.

    My soon-to-be 3-year-old will be getting a trim in a week or so. She likes that her hair gets french braided after the trim. She likes it so much that she will stand in the mirror for several minutes, admiring her braids.

  2. my daughter would never let me braid her hair. I have an easier time with the dentist than with the haircutter. very interesting. don’t get it.
    Lil daph did a very similar cut. And btw she is so pretty.

  3. last year when my daughter was three she cut a chunck off the middle of the top of her head. She spent the next six months looking like a female version of Alfalfa! I couldn’t believe how long it took for for it to grow out! We started taking her to Snip-its when she was about 2 and it was the best thing I ever did since she won’t let me touch her hair, which is probably good because I am notorious for lopsided pigtails! Ever since i’ve kept her hair short. Less to mess with and less temptation to give herself a trim!

  4. my girls all did the same thing when they were younger. you made me laugh when isaw that & remembered my girls doing the same thing thanks

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