Nicole Sullivan

Hey, I finally got the rest of the vids edited that I shot at that event from a few weeks ago, when I spoke to Busy Phillips.  Here I speak with Nicole Sullivan, most well known as the funny lady from her stint on Mad TV. I met her at an improv festival back in the 90’s.  She was dating a friend of mine and people were whispering, “She just got cast on a new TV show, Mad TV”  aka, she hit the big time.  I think she was ready to move on from her date as well, at least that’s the vibe I got.

Anyway, I reminded her of our meeting like 15 years ago and interviewed her for the Fashion Team.  She is probably in an ad on this site right now as she has lost the baby weight from her second baby on Jenny Craig. I asked her about that and she said it helped her with portion control.

She is a very nice person and though it’s noisy, and the lights were going in and out back stage before the fashion show I think it’s a cute interview.  Moms, improv and chuckles.

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