American Idol Stylist

Here is another vid that is more cool, than mom. I did a segment with the gal who styles the lady singers on American Idol, Soyon An. She is also a costume designer and before joining the show she was the stylist on the Idol tours.  We liked her so much in our field segment, where she made me look like a rock star, she came in and was our 3rd chair on Fashion Team to critique the red carpet.  She is a sweet gal, a local Angeleno like myself.

Here in one minute we hear the challenge of her job, and how you can be your own (Seacrest pause) American Idol!

And by the way, this season, eh, not quite as good. Not because of the clothes, but the group, not that exciting and the judges have all gotten so nice.  Even Simon.  You can tell he is phoning it in.

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