Behind the Host

Hey, this is a little day in the life…or minute in the life, my TV work life.  I was taping a tease for a shoot we were on and then I turned the camera on my sound and camera man.  I had hoped they would talk about how great I am to work with, didn’t exactly turn out that way.  I wish my show was on more often than it is, but I feel really lucky to have had it the last 3 and half years and counting. Knock on wood!  It’s fun and I think I’m pretty good at it.

Obviously, shooting behind the scenes pieces I’m less good at….

I wish I had gotten the strange guy who was trying to act as a defacto PR person and was barking at us where we could stand.  We all just glared at him.  Gee, dude, this isn’t the Oscars, and even there no one yells at you like that.

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