10 thoughts on “Husband Walking Away

  1. Oh, Daphne: you are hitting it with every single vlog lately!

    That one was wonderful…I want to put that one up too, but then I’ll become “cool.mom 24/7”

    Fantastic! Fanflippintastic!!

    You are so CLEVER!

  2. Well, they aren’t all gems. you can always link to your faves. Glad you got it. I thought it would resonate more than it has. I am trying to do more than stand up/talk to camera. sometimes the muse is there and sometimes it is not.

  3. Yours too!!! Except you left out the part where you call him on it and he gets all defensive and acts like your the one who is being really demanding!

  4. I don’t even try…….I just email! Does that sound sad? It’s not. You gotta think like they do sometimes to get through. If I need business around the house addressed – I go for the email. Typical conversations obviously are in person!

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