Cheap Music Class

With my first, I ran around with her to baby classes.  Yoga, music, nursing groups, tax planning. I hated the stress of trying to get to a 10:30 class and she had fallen asleep in the car and I sat there adding up how much that nap cost. Rex loves when music comes on, he really responds to it.  But, does a baby really get rhythm or a love of music from sitting in a room in a circle with his mom, other babies, a couple of moms and some nannies?  Can’t I just mimic the experience at home? Let’s see how it works.

7 thoughts on “Cheap Music Class

  1. Hysterrrrrrical.

    I think the Music Together class around here runs close to 300 bucks for 10 sessions.
    What, does the teacher have a PhD or something? (Actually, in the class in Charlottesville Va, the teacher does. Hm. Not sure about my CT class though.)

    Part of the fun of classes though is meeting other moms- I have some amazing buddies from my Hospital’s Moms group and several from yoga. For me it was great to finally meet other people my age in this area other than my coworkers!

    You look great BTW!

  2. I have such music class guilt…had Maria in it by 6 months. The twins are about to turn one and I pretty much am doing it Daphne style in the living room. Part of it is that I already made my music class mom friends and it feels a little daunting to do it all over again…I know, boo hoo. So silly.

    And anyway, there’s always that thing about twins having each other for entertainment, right?!!

    Come fall I’m determined to do SOMETHING with the babies…before they reach the age of reason and give me a good scolding.

    Keep it coming, Daphne.

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