Super tweaked

I’m late posting a vid today because I’m in another realm of so flipping tired.  I’ve entered super tweaked. Rex had a fever Friday.  Mark took him in as I was working and they found nothing wrong, no ear infection, etc.  So through Sunday am, he had the fever off and on.  We gave him the pain relievers to bring it down. He didn’t eat much, but seemed to be getting better.  As a consequences he woke up..a lot. He is fine now and we think it was because he had a lot of teeth break through the last few days. Did I mention that he woke up a lot?

A lot.  A lot.  And nursed like he was a newborn.  I know I don’t have that much milk left, but he sucked like I was Daisy the cow.  Which is fine, as I want to comfort him.  But, just not at 11:45.  2:15am, 5am-6am till he discovers my purse on the floor and rips everything out of it. Fine with me, it gave me 20 minutes of shut eye and I needed to clean out my wallet anyway.

This is the first real nap he has taken today.  But, enough about me.  My big, super reason for being super tweaked is Rex is having surgery tomorrow. I don’t want to say why as I think he should have some privacy in his life, but it’s not life threatening, but it’s general anesthesia, two hour operation.  It’s not a small deal.  We have already put it off once.

I would love to hear from parents how they get through this because when they wheel him away from me tomorrow I think I might pass out. And coming after a weekend where I’ve already been rubbed raw, literally and figuratively, this could be a hell of a week.  I’m going to try and write stuff today because I think for the rest of the week I will be shit for brains.

I worry about wiping that sweet smile off his face. Sigh.  My poor little guy.

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  1. Let me just say that its worse for you than it will be for him. My daughter is six and had her first set of tubes put in when she was 4 months old, again at age 3, and had her tonsils and adenoids removed last year. The last surgery was by far THE worst. I didn’t sleep all night once we had her home, and every sound she made I freaked out. Freaked. I felt like it was the worst decision I made, and I hated to see her in so much pain. But? It passed. She was fine, I was fine, and we all made it through. It’s not going to be easy for you, but here is my advice: keep thinking to yourself, “Soon this will be over. Rex will be okay, I will be okay, and everything will be back to normal before I know it”. I know it sounds stupid but that’s what got me through. Knowing that it would all end soon and we would be back to being healthy and normal.
    Sorry if that doesn’t help but that was my experience.
    Good luck to you and little Rex!

  2. I see the problem in the very first picture. He has pocinuts. (3 year old word for chicken pox).
    Buck up kid. Some Moms fret because of how inconvenient their little ones are. They don’t know the “joy” of being concerned for their offspring. You know the ones I mean. They feed their children 3 Musketeer bars ( NEW SUPER KING SIZE!) and Dr. Pepper for breakfast and drug them with 5 hours of TV/video games.”An operation? That’s 2 hours he won’t be in my hair!” Try to enjoy the worry.
    Blimey….that sounds pretty dumb….more caffeine!

  3. Both of my children have had surgery and it does not get easier with each experience. I am a nurse and I tend to comfort myself with the knowledge in what is the proper and safe way to do each task in the hospital. Did they wash their hands before touching my child…check, does my child have enough pain relief….check. etc. I get lost in the details so I feel like I have some control over the situation. You are your child’s best advocate and you should embrace that role. Make sure you ask all the questions you can so you will be well informed during every step. I think it might help to calm you during the whole process. Also, feel free to cry after they take him to surgery if you have to. There is no shame in letting your emotions out. It will actually make you feel better. I hope everything goes well for little Rex and I wish him a speedy recovery!

  4. Best wishes tomorrow for little Rex!

    Thankfully my kids have not yet gone under the knife. My husband is a surgeon at a large children’s hospital and so I get the tales from the other side of the ordeal. I know those doctors all work so hard and care so much for each and every patient. Please know that Rex will be in good hands!

    And yes, it is more traumatic for the parents.

  5. waaa, ready to cry now ( we leave in 90 minutes) I was dreading not being able to nurse him, but he has been okay. He loves getting a bottle of apple juice. His last liquids before the cut off.
    Thank you all so much. I will remember all this. And I will cry when he is not around.

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