Played out

This week has been one of the more challenging ones in memory. Rex is having a hard time recovering from surgery. He will be okay, but hurts. I knew this would be a tough week so I taped a few things in advance and I thought I’d pick one that represents what I like to do when the going gets tough…watch trash TV. ┬áHaven’t had much chance this week, but I did get a few snippets to clean the brain.

What do you think is played out?

God, do I look tired.

7 thoughts on “Played out

  1. Tired maybe but still beautiful. Let’s hope that things get easier for Rex and that you have time to get back to your trash TV.

  2. Yeah…I’ve been over “reality” TV since…Umm…2001? Lol…I dunno, just never appealed to me. It was a neat idea, I thought, but as I kind of watched it I realized it wasn’t *really* reality. Not any reality I am aware of.

    Shows that vote people off, shows that judge people…Oy, I’m over it.

  3. First of all, I am sorry that Rex is having a hard time of it. I hope he is feeling better and that you are able to get some rest :)

    Second, I thought of you today — I was so flipping tired, I put bug spray on my kids — both of them — instead of sunscreen. Only figured it out when I started spraying myself and thought the smell was off….

  4. smell was off.. is that a pun? okay will have to put that on my new extra twitter feed. @soflippingtired

    Thanks, Rex is better, but still NOT 100% in some discomfort

  5. Oh, I feel for you. At least they heal quickly. I remember it took my little guy the full 10 days–10 days–to feel 100% better after his tonsils and adenoids were out.

    I couldn’t believe it took that long.

    You may think you look tired, but I think you look glamorous.

  6. I think TV shows as a whole lack originality. Reality TV, the TV game shows, the TV competitions (like Dancing With The Stars), the fake drama – they are all recycled and rehashed, and when they reach their grand climaxes, I’m utterly disappointed.

    My husband and I are so disappointed by what’s on that we are getting rid of cable. Why waste our money? The only thing I watch every single day for about 10 minutes is the Weather Channel. I can get that online!

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