9 thoughts on “Mom Zamboni

  1. For me it totally depends on the day. If I’m tired then I nap. Even if my little man wakes up at the same time (or before) I do then at least I won’t be cranky. I take those few minutes after naps to stick my son in his chair with a snack while I power clean. I’ve got more energy then so I can do it faster than I would if I didn’t nap. So my answer: always choose sleep. And I don’t go online until I have accomplished at least something in my house. Otherwise I feel guilty the whole time I’m online and that’s no fun.

  2. Tessa, you have it down. clean while they are present… interesting. than it can feel really futile, unless you had the DISGUSTING mess that was on my kitchen floor today! Yes, poo. Good times.

    I wanted to try the inner voice out, glad you liked. I will try more. appreciate the feedback.

  3. When my kids were younger…Into the hairchair with a tray full of cheerios while I cleaned. I would sleep when they did. Now that they’re older…For the little one: Max & Ruby should be on…then I can clean, nap, take a rocket to the moon.

    For the older one: She actually knows how to work the remote, and she goes straight to 32 or 16 (Disney & Nick) or Starz kidz on demand! Yes…she knows how to work that, too! haha.

    I also leave snacks in the fridge or on the counter so I can say, “Just go get a…” and they will leave me to do whatever I want to do. Whether it means sleeping or cleaning. It’s not foolproof…I still come back to them & there is a mysterious odor or covering of oddly colored dust over everything. We live by a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. If they’re both alive, I don’t care WHY there is dirt falling out of the heating vents.

  4. See, but then I feel all guilty if I clean while they’re awake. Like, shouldn’t I be spending quality time with them? And my daughter, who is one, is literally turning me around to face her saying UPEEEEE!

    This just seems like a no win situation.

  5. I’m right there with you. Lately I spend an hour cleaning a room, blessedly unimpeded only to realize that whilst I was cleaning the living room, my 4yr old was trashing her room.
    Shoveling during a snowstorm for sure!
    I guess I’m in good company.

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