Real mom red carpet

Why should so called famous people be the ones we ask questions of?  Is the second lead in a sitcom more wise than our real life friends?  I’ve done enough red carpet interviewing of “famous” people that I wanted to see what it would be like if I did  a red carpet interview with real life moms.

Of course, I don’t leave my house and they are all in my head.  But, you get the idea.

9 thoughts on “Real mom red carpet

  1. If you were to interview me, I’d be able to give you some hot new tips on how to clean up dog crap while keeping 2 small boys from eating it – did someone say talented? Oh right, I didn’t think so.

  2. Heads and shoulders above all the rest, I mean that. Your endurance while improvising is something I admire. Next thing you need is a video commenting option, for smart aleck replies from your many screwy fans.


  3. That’s so awesome!

    Did you ask me how I keep my 2-year-old from protesting to wear pink uggs in 70-degree weather? Well, I let her wear the boots around the house for a while. Then, I tried her coaxing into her white summer shoes by telling her that her older, wiser cousin wore them. When that didn’t work, I forced them on her tiny feet. After much crying, she conceded.

  4. the shoe thing can be rough. I am sure your replies, video and otherwise, would be more interesting than most celeb patter.
    And I think you are talented for keeping the boys from the crap.
    Well done.

  5. Daphne, you are just so awesome and have boatloads of personality.

    I think you are fabulous and I’d LOVE to have someone as clever, witty, beautiful and intelligent as you interview me.

    And that’s what I think.

  6. Daphne this is so great! Mom’s deserve the red carpet treatment! I’ve loved your interviews with celebmoms in past posts. I just goes to show you there is a universal momness.
    You see how I just went ahead and made up words there? What can I say but “more coffee”

  7. I like universal momness. do you like those interviews? I wasn’t sure people did because they don’t elicit any comments.

    Alexandra, hmm. maybe I should do that as a show. thx

  8. I like those interviews because you’re always so fresh and real. But for me, jealousy rears its ugly head and then encouragement and support is withheld. It’s just how I am.

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