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You might have heard that Oprah is starting her own channel.  Which funny enough, the Oprah Winfrey network spells out OWN.  The name of the channel and the name of the contest they are doing to elicit submissions for people who want to star in their own show.  So, hey I’ve been knocking around basic cable for years on the G to H list so why not enter the contest? I feel like Cool Mom is already my mini show and how many comedic shows are done in people’s house?  I’m not including the girls next door variety.

So, if you like Cool Mom vote for me!

10 thoughts on “OWN Show

  1. Not only is Daphne endlessly creative, she owns that camera. She’s willing to take the unpopular viewpoint (anti-circumcision), makes nice with moms of all species (famous, and not-so-much), wears her wrinkles proudly, has a great marriage to a chef, and might even lend him to her “real mom” guests (intermixed with celebs, of course) during her COOKING SHOWS!!!

    Yes, Daphne’s had my vote for years.

    (I voted for ya, a little)

  2. Voted for you. Your show would be AWESOME. I had to watch your video twice because, the first time I watched it, I was laughing too hard at Rex spilling the yogurt drink and couldn’t hear what you were saying!

  3. I just voted for you! Did you see mine? I know I’m in skinny jeans, wearing makeup, but I still feel like we have a lot in common. I hope we both make it to the finals so we can commiserate – good luck!

  4. I will be keeping my fingers crossed( I don’t know how I’ll be doing anything else in the mean time…) To me it would be heaven to watch both Chealsea Handler and you. I like you both for the non sugar coating style something TV shows need bladly.

  5. Voted, which I”m expressly telling you because, since I just started blogging myself, I now appreciate comments. You and dooce were a huge part of my blog-background, and inspiration, and I think you’d rock at your own show (though if it meant less coolmom.com i’d be sad). 😉

    If you’re online in the 3 mins you have to yourself after putting the kids to bed and before passing out yourself, I’d love you to check it out:

    Hope you win!!!!

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