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  1. I know I’m slow on catching up on Momversation vids, but I can’t believe you don’t have a comment on this post! You had me laughing out loud. I almost woke my niece up from laughing. (Re: your comment about your hubby being reminded of his first time) Seriously almost peed myself. LOL

    I do a bit of shaving or growing, never waxing, depending on how busy/tired/sexy I’m feeling.

    I don’t do 12 year old style or play what’s hiding in the bush, either. Somewhere in the middle.

  2. Well i’m pregnant with my first so my husband and I talk alot about how were going to parent our child(ren) and this is a subject that we’ve talked about. I have this huge paranoia of being lied to, and not knowing things because i lived a sheltered life, and was made fun of because i didn’t know all the things other kids knew. I had to stumble across the word vagina in the dictionary before i knew what it was :P. So our philosophy so far is to just tell it how it is. If they ask ya i’ll feel awkward what parent doesn’t when a child asks an intimate question? But all the same, I’ll ask them if they really want to know if I feel a little reluctant and if they do then I’ll tell them.

    Is it honestly really worth lying to your kid because it just felt too awkward to you to just tell it how it is? I totally understand protecting your child’s innocence or youth, and if they ask the big bomb “mommy where did i come from?” Matt (my husband) and I have decided to just tell them “we’ll tell you when your a bit older sweetie.” But on the issue of private parts, I’m on team vagina/penis/breast.

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