ADVERTISEMENT: Conscious Snacking

Yes, I should only snack on blueberries, 6 almonds and air, but that’s not really practical.  It’s all I can do not to hook up a steady stream of fried good into my body.  So, here is a chat about careful snacking.  Every time I have passed a threshold, north of 30…north of 35…you get the picture, it all becomes more challenging.

I’m giving away another General Mills lunch care package. All you have to do is submit a comment with your tips/advice for being a conscious snacker. Have you had to change up your snacking?  What works for you? The winner will be announced on Friday, July 16th at 5pm PST.

17 thoughts on “ADVERTISEMENT: Conscious Snacking

  1. Okay, I admit that if I don’t completely over-plan my snacking, I wake up in a stupor with sticky fingers and covered in pretzel dust. When we buy bags of “snack food” I divide it up into ziplocks that go in a plastic tub in the cupboard. That way I can grab one if I’m packing a lunch, or running out the door, or sitting in the living room reading so I don’t plow through a whole bag of white cheddar cheesy cheetos all by myself (ahem…)

  2. the 100 calorie snack bags are my favorite.I keep them at work so when Julie down the hall comes in with those cupcake she baked I can keep myself from attacking them all day! Also, i don’t have to keep track of calories, it’s right on the bag (just keep track of how many bags!!).

  3. The 100 calorie snacks are great, I could eat a whole box of them, they’re so great.

    Which is why I had to quit buying them. They’re too delicious.

    What I do, is after I grocery shop on Mondays, I bag everything up for myself and my kids in those small snack size baggies, and have the entire middle shelf of baggied up carrots, grapes, cherries, orange sections…All cut up and ready to grab. It’s great…no excuses. It’s all ready.
    We snack b/c we’re hungry at that moment, if something’s ready…we’ll grab it.

  4. Damn, that was good! Lately we’re phasing through the vanilla yogurt in the large Activia tub, and mixing in cut up strawberries, grapes, pineapple. And grilling much, with those steam-in-the-bag veggies…tons!! Corn in the cob, scraped off, yum. Even been whipping up Kraft Jello and Pudding lately.

    Must be the heat of the summer telling me to enjoy it!

  5. Whenever I have the urge to snack I always have a big glass of water to see if what I thought was hunger was actually thirst. It’s amazing how often I realize I don’t actually want anything to eat after a glass of water.

    If I truly am hungry I love tahini almonds, pita chips or veggies and hummus (I love the roasted red pepper hummus from Trader Joe’s!), Trader Joe’s white cheddar corn puffs (a way less guilty Cheeto), a banana or crackers and peanut butter.

    I, too, portion up snacks ahead of time to help cut down on mindless eating out of the bag. Also, my toddler pretty much wants whatever I’m having so that seems to cut my portion down, too!

  6. I am a fan of the mid-morning snack. If I don’t have something — a banana, a snack bar — I wind up eating a lot more for lunch. So, to keep my face out of the peanut butter jar, I go for the mid-morning snack, preferably one that doesn’t say “Klondike” on the wrapper.

  7. The best snack for me is a handful of granola. It’s satisfying and has enough fat, carbs and protein to keep me going for awhile. However, if I can’t find granola I will head straight for the french fries.

  8. I am a college student as well as a mom… so, I am always on the go with my balancing act of study group, work and playdates.

    I always reach for a cheese stick and a pack of raisins. I have the raisins in my purse so I can eat them in class and no one can hear me 🙂 I also keep an Emergen-C pack so I can pop it in a bottle of water when I feel depleted.

  9. My mother told me never to let aoynne silence us. But she did say to keep it respectful, which is probably why I don’t swear. Darn her!Regards,TengrainPS Gibson’s tonight (with the French Gin, Citadel), or Sidecars. Haven’t made up my mind. I’ve never felt that I needed a snort before, but this week

  10. My condolences to George’s family and especially to my classmates, Joy & Luther. George was a kind man that I have appreciated for many a year, probably giving me my first haircut. I know I received many from him and Tom and the memories are entrenched in time. May he rest in peace! Also, the Sawyers were most kind to my wife’s family as she grew up and visited her grandparents who were neighbors. Thanks for all the generousity and memories. Bob & Alet

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  12. wow your recipe looks wonderful and you have a very beautiful website, i just started mine, and i am still trying to make it right, thanks for your comments also, have a lovely day, Cheryl

  13. If Unbelievable (& others) didn’t create a balance on this page it woud have been a shame…UnbelivableNewsychickShells….even Em – regardless of your I think your heart/ideas in the right place.

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