Momversation: What’s Your Best Piece of Parenting Advice?

What’s the best parenting advice you ever got? I’m sure some was when I was super sleepy so I can’t remember it, but in this Momversation I did mention some gems. Some of the Momversationalists don’t like advice. I don’t mind advice, I mind a snippy know it all attitude which is not the same thing. If someone is tsk, tsking while your kid is in a meltdown and says things like “gee, maybe you should feed her” and you want to scream “Of course I feed my kid dumbass, she is 3 and this is part of being her age. Don’t judge my mothering!”

In the same situation the onlooker could say “I know this is tough mom. If you are ok with it sometimes I give my kids a c-o-o-k-i-e. I have some if you want it.”

Note on the programming: I shot in my dressing room at tv guide on a shoot day so I have pro hair and make up. Not all haggard.

7 thoughts on “Momversation: What’s Your Best Piece of Parenting Advice?

  1. 2 pieces of advice that I think of all the time, were given to me in the sweetest voices by little old ladies. One was in the park, and she said, as I chased all 3 of my boys, “I know it’s hard, but it’s only hard if you’re doing it right.” She made my heart soar.

    And in the grocery story, while again I was chasing all 3, she said, “You’ll miss these days, maybe not now, but when you’re sitting in the quiet, by yourself one day, in an empty house…you’ll miss these days.”

    I think of that often amid the noise and running around. I’m busy, but it’s GOOD to be busy.

  2. It’s probably because I have twelve years of parenting under my belt that I appreciate any advice having to do with parenting adult children. All my thoughts lately are consumed with my kids’ futures…how will we handle love, who will they marry, how will they survive financially, what part does destiny play in it all?

  3. Amazingly, one of the best pieces of advice I got was from my older brother, who had two children before I had my first. I was having a really hard time getting my baby girl to sleep through the night, and it just broke my heart to let her cry. I remember talking to my brother on the phone, almost in tears myself, and he said, “No baby ever died from crying. She’ll be fine; babies cry.” For whatever reason, that was what I needed to hear to know that it was OK to walk away for a few minutes and take a break. And yes, she was totally fine!

  4. So many little things I got from the internet community. I’m horrified to think that women used to have babies BEFORE the internet! But the most pratical, shocking, and true advice was from my midwife. I never had post partum depression but definately hormone swings and NO sleep because I was so afraid of SIDS. She told me to drink a beer (gasp!). It would calm me down and allow sleep to naturally come. Only very little alcohol through the breast milk, don’t worry about it. It was a life saver!

  5. I cannot believe no one has commented on your beyond fabulous look in this video! You look incredible, Daphne! Like a vamped up, smokey-eyed version of your lovely self.

  6. Best piece that I got was from a La Leche League Leader (who has become a very good friend). She said that LLL believe mothers know their babies best. If you’re unsure, listen to your baby and your heart.
    It’s so true! Other people can tell you what worked for them but if it doesn’t feel right for you and your baby, it probably isn’t.

  7. I love Momversation posts, but this one seemed like a total waste! Daphne, you were the only one that answered the question, while the other moms just said they hate advice. Why would the other moms even bother responding? I’m noticing this happen more often with these posts. The moms often seem bitter and unwilling to have any conviction.

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