July 5th – what up?

This day is so weird.  It’s a partial holiday.  Some have it off or took it off, others have not.  I sent Vivien to camp, but will pick her up early.  I am not doing a lot of work, but haven’t showered yet.  It’s all mixed up.

Am I the only one who thinks they shouldn’t have stayed up to see the fireworks?  Took forever and it was so late when they were done.  Then when we were driving back from the OC ( where we were with friends) fireworks were going off in every crappy industrial town along the 5.  Yes, I’m talking about you Commerce.  Traffic slowed as grown adults lost their ability to focus.

The good news is Mark is making his Fried Chicken!!! tonight at Campanile. He only does this a couple times a year.  It’s marinated overnight in buttermilk and onions.  Weight be dammed! Also, the 5th is the last day to get the bubble bath contest in.  This is the one Rex so admirably demonstrated for you all.  Kids 6 months to 3 years can take part.  Here is the link. One of me yapping and one of Rex being the sample bather.  Possible to win up to 10 grand, which would be nice.

These shorter weeks mean one has to accomplish more in the few days remaining of the week.  My new project: cleaning and organizing my garage.  No, don’t hold me back.  I’m on it!

One thought on “July 5th – what up?

  1. Oy. Tell me about it! I’ve barely managed a cold shower and the day’s almost over. Enjoy your summer cleaning.

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