Rex’s wallet service

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you have busy lives and that’s why we at Cool Mom always strive to bring you value.  This is a limited time offer.  This commercial will only be shown 14 times a night, so watch carefully. Why think something is a negative?  Let’s turn it into a positive.

13 thoughts on “Rex’s wallet service

  1. Jesus that kid is cute. He is the definition of “cherubic.”

    I have yet another entry to your “I’m so flipping tired….” list. (You should be flattered that I think of you every time I do something really idiotic.). I’m so flipping tired, I just poured myself a big glass of wine….into my child’s sippy cup. (And then thought twice about giving it to them….kidding!)

  2. Hey Daphne! I haven’t seen you in ages girl! Man that kid is cute, funny stuff with the wallet service there. If you get up this way, we gotta get you out for drinks and find out what the hell you’ve been up to. You know, Paulie has a daughter now? Yes, I know, incredible, she has more hair than he does.
    Looks like you’re doing well, saw Mark on Hell’s Kitchen last season. I was gonna ramble more, but will save it for cocktails…

    Scott Keck

  3. Wet-Ting my pants!
    Smash the crayons up against the wall!
    The sites looking great – so many cute funny pix of you!
    You make motherhood look good. 😉
    Too bad underemployment has already lightened my wallet. ‘Else I’d TOTALLY hire Rex…just cuz he’s so gd CUTE! xo

  4. This is so funny! And reminds me of my daughter at that age who used to love to go through my purse in the same fashion! They are like little TSA Agents!

  5. The really great thing is when you go somewhere after the babe has been playing with the wallet, get to the cashier and realize your money and cards are gone!

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