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Since I’ve ruled out wiring my jaw shut I’m exploring other ways to shed the last few pounds..well on my belly it looks like more than a few.  I recently won 3 free training sessions at a fundraiser.  I really enjoyed going and I wonder how there ever could be rich fat people.  If I was loaded I’d have a trainer arrive at my home every morning, work me out after my espresso, then Enrique (because he would be a hot Latin guy) would make me a fruit and protien shake, give me a shoulder rub and then my lunch and dinner would be brought by a gourmet, local food service and then…

Hh, I digress. Ok, I’m back to middle class reality.  Forgive the bra peak-a-boo and the old diaper changing pad I was sitting on.  The ground was damp.

Oh, and keep your comments coming! We have one more General Mills video next Thursday and then will be giving away another lunch care package for the user with the best tip for being a conscious snacker.  So submit your comment below. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 16th at 5pm PST.

7 thoughts on “ADVERTISEMENT: Last pregnancy pounds

  1. Daphne-
    You are absolutely correct– the little things can make a big difference, for better and worse. I’ve recently gained 5 points without even realizing it because I let my guard down. So now I am trying to eat substantive, full lunches and much lighter dinners. For whatever reason I am a monster if I am hungry during the day, but don’t mind feeling less than full at night. Oatmeal and low-sugar cereals are my go-to single girl dinners when I don’t feel like cooking.

  2. Daphne

    So funny that Vivien laughs. a mid morning and mid
    after noon snack works for me. Keeps me from big
    lunch and big dinner.
    I say have the fiber bar with a nice cup of tea.
    I’d like it served to me by the trainer you described. .

  3. I know you’re going to want to shoot me, but I can’t keep weight on! Chasing these kids around zaps all my calories, plus I can’t sit down to actually eat. I’m just always grabbing quick stuff – usually fruit. So maybe that’s they key – snacking is ok but just not processed foods. If I ate pre-packaged stuff it would stick. Of course If I did eat packaged stuff, I’m sure Fiber One Bars would be my choice 🙂

  4. you are so cute. When I run around with my kids I think, “why does this work for other people?” but then I bread and cheese are the cornerstone of my diet.
    My daughter also likes the fiber one bars

  5. Ha! You always make me laugh!

    I started running this year and after 2 months I have 3 lbs left before I reach my starting weight. As I was never a runner in the past I used the Run25k program on iTunes. LOVE it!

  6. We love the Fiber One bars in our house. I’m using them to help lose my baby weight, my husband loves them and my 2 year old thinks they are the best snack ever. I buy the huge box at Costco.

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