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What do you serve on a playdate?  Anything?  Do others serve you snacks?  Perhaps a game of bingo?  Oh, the one thing I’m looking forward to in the old folks home – bingo.  I love bingo.

Today Vivien was on a drop off playdate and I knew that she would be staying for dinner so I brought the mom some lovely nectarines that Mark had just gotten at the farmer’s market.  The kind that you have to eat within a day or they will go south, which meant they were really good. We also have to be careful of different allergies and preferences so offering food can be a landmine.  There is always tea..

Parenting can make you hungry.  What’s your playdate snack of choice?

4 thoughts on “ADVERTISEMENT: Playdate snacks

  1. I love this series. You are so natural.

    Anyway, business at hand:

    we ALWAYS have to bring our own food, and epipen. We have nut and dairy and egg allergies.

    I NEVER expect anyone to provide for us. That is undue stress for them.

    I’ll take the responsibility. That way, both parties rest easy.

  2. If I am being invited, that is not hosting, then I always bring a little something, seems only fair since they have offered up their home for the sacrifice that is a playdate! Chex Mix is a great idea, I LOVE IT haha. We also bring Pirate’s Booty, veggie straws or just some berries if I have them laying around. We like snacks the kids can dig into also if they want.

  3. I always bring for Sarah, because she is such a picky eater and has a lot of texture stuff going on. I make sure to bring enough for the kids who are going to be there as well usually. Even if they don’t want it, at least it’s there to avert a possible tantrum.

  4. Chex mix is a good idea. I’ll get some right away.
    I never think of feeding the moms.
    I guess now I will. I’d hate for a mom to have a tantrum.
    Something to think about.

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