And the 2nd winner is…

I want to thank all the Cool Mom visitors who contributed their suggestions to this campaign.  This was the biggest sponsored campaign on Cool Mom to date and I really appreciate you all having a good spirit and taking part by giving me your suggestions on snacking.  Honestly, I have gotten a lot of good suggestions from you all.

Alexandra was our first winner with her continued brilliance in reframing food so that kids get excited about it.  Muffin tin anyone, cookie cutter?

This round about conscious snacking I would have given it to the person who suggested portioning out the snack before the hand goes there.  As a bulk food buyer this really moved me.  The only reason I can’t give it to that person is a few had that idea.  I’d have to break up the care package from General Mills.

So you may think it’s funny, but I have crowned Miranda the winner with her simple, yet often overlooked suggestion for conscious snacking: a big glass of water.  Granted we are in a heatwave so water has special meaning to me right now, but I have often found hunger feels abated if I drink a lot of water.  I forgot this and running after kids in the summer can definitely make me thirsty.

So Miranda, I like the tahini suggestions as well, but being the fan of tap water I am I say, “Enjoy your care package!”  You’ll get a bunch of snacks from General Mills.  Just drink a cup of water before you open the box.  It will go further.

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