Life Changing Products

Nothing like going through a REAL life changing event to highlight the hyperbole of that term applied to things that are nice or helpful, but hardly Life Changing…
There are a lot of big terms we throw around that a sensitive person (which I’m usually not) would jettison.
For instance, “The traffic was so bad I was going to kill myself!”  I have some friends who have lost loved ones to suicide, so I try not to use this exaggeration.  I have replaced it with, “stick a fork in my head” or something a little more Three Stooges.
Perhaps beauty products could come up with something different as well.

5 thoughts on “Life Changing Products

  1. So cute.
    Now I want a brush to change my life.
    And shouldn’t we stop saying that a dessert is so
    good, “it is to die for,”
    I don’t think so.

  2. Ha ha I love her saying you arent going to recognize yourself. Now that is confidence. I did on the other hand get introduced to a Mac eye shadow brush that did change my eye makeup issues for the better. It was semi life changing.

  3. I was sitting through acosmetics presentation that a friend of mine was giving (a beauty party) and it ws all about products to keep you looking younger. I suddenly realized i was not 21 anymore buying the stuff off the store shelves because it smelled good. It hit me…i’m 30 and now these companies are marketing to me assuming i’m now freaking out about crows feet and droopy eyelids.
    So I stood my ground and stayed confident in myself and my looks…then i opened my check book and purchased a bag full of products. Shoot—i hate it when i do that. And gee i love them so much that i’m not even recommending the brand. Another lesson learned.

  4. Last time I bought a sack of facial products, i did NOT recognize myself after use. I was red and peeling; I looked like a root vegetable.
    And while a makeup brush has yet to change my life, I’ve got this new spatula that’s really putting a spin on things…!

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