Eat like a toddler

A parent’s life is filled with moments where you wish your little one (or not so little ones) would act a little more mature… Or at least poo in the toilet, not leave wet towels on the floor, or get a job…

But, sometimes I find myself thinking if you can’t beat them join them.

8 thoughts on “Eat like a toddler

  1. Oh my gosh…I think that same thing all the time! Still..doesn’t stop me from eating that cookie sitting on my counter. Sigh…

  2. Lol…I used to joke that if I just did the “toddler diet” I’d lose weight REALLY fast. All I had to do was pick up a handful of food and try to eat & run. B/c half of it would be spilled before it ever got into my mouth…

  3. So funny! Now I need to see what it would look like if everyone in an office acted like their toddlers. One just pushing the photocopy button, another drawing on the wall with marker and two fighting over a stapler overtop of their cubicles.

    Love the role play. It made my day!


  4. Oh, Daphne, you make me laugh.

    I hate missing even one day.

    The piece d’resistance? The frozen french fries tossed in the air.

    You are hilarious. I wish I lived across the street, or at least within 30 miles.

    This was so very funny. I laughed out loud.

  5. I think about this ALL THE TIME. Connor is about the same age as Rex, and I always wonder how in the hell the 2 slices of cheese, handful of Cheerios and single banana fuel him up for so long. Granted, he’s on the skinny side. Am I jealous of my 18 month old?

  6. well if we use the the tool to eat a meal the size of your hand ==the palm of your hand. though the cuban sandwich I demolished for dinner last night didn’t fit that bill.
    guess we should just be more excited about life.
    A– it was dry pasta a fave of Rex’s to throw

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