Small House

Sure, it’s all relative.  One person’s small house is another one’s mansion.  Perhaps this should be called “the amazing expanding and contracting family,” which might be a more apt title for a family that includes 2 little kids and 3 big stepkids.  Sometimes my house is just the right size, other times it feels like a flop house.  Yes, I was spoiled with my old big house, but this is the new reality.  We are one bedroom short half of the time.  Rex sleeps in either the play room (the space off the kitchen… I give it a name to make me feel more grand), or I put him in my teenage stepson’s room.  I thought we would do this for a year.  But, last time I checked the economy is still in the toilet, so here we are.  We live in a great place, if I just had a pop out room. Or if Rex ever cottoned to sleep training the way his big sister did.

Anyway, this vid is more in the cinema verte style.  A slice of life of domesticity.  A reality check for what motherhood looks like.

11 thoughts on “Small House

  1. I have 2 small kids and 2 teenage step kids and you are my hero! You handle it much better than I my friend! I’m also a freak about where and how my kids sleep, so I know I would go nuts.

  2. oh, well love to hear how you do handle it! what can I do? it is what it is.
    Monica, good question, the playroom is really the kitchen and when he sleeps there we have to make sure dinner is done and cleaned up and no one can go in for a glass of milk later, etc. It’s nice to have him in 4 walls, so that’s why I don’t leave him there.

  3. When we brought baby #2 home we were still living in a two bedroom rental. It took us longer to find a home than we thought it would. Poor baby #2 never slept in a crib she grew up in a pack & play. I was so lucky that she could sleep anywhere but what a relief it was when she finally had her own room.

  4. I felt so bad watching you lug that playpen everywhere. I have a question. How do I get my co-sleeping, still nursing, 17 month old to sleep in his crib? We have two queen beds pushed up next to eachother, and we want to trade them in for a king, not literally, but, I’m afraid it will be uncomfortable if my son doesn’t take to his crib. Any ideas?

  5. Sandy, whenever you can come to CM come on over!

    yes, you have to get him out of the room. he will NOT stay in his crib. He smells, you sees you, wants to be with you. My son is still nursing and he is MOSTLY in his crib. FERBER

    AND should be noticed this vid was one of the top 5 most watched vids on Cool mom on 2010, so must have hit a cord.

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