M.I.L.F.: Flattering or Degrading?

This could be called the “lost tape of Momversation”.  We shot it years ago.  I was about to give birth to Rex or recently had.  I was still in my big, old house and I was a tad heavier. Natch.  Our producer at the time was, still my good friend, Rob Morhaim. I tend to think of Momversation’s as the not as funny, more successful spin off of cool mom, but in this case I was able to have some fun with it.

This vid was shelved for a while.. think it might have too saucy.  But, now it is here and I am glad it was rescued from the vault.

How would you feel if someone called you a MILF?

two cents tuesday 9-28-10

My Two Cents is shorter this week and I will tell you why.  I had to evacuate my house yesterday.  Los Angeles had the hottest day on record.  They have been keeping record since 1877 and yesterday it broke the thermometer.  Literally.  It hit 113 and then broke.  They think it got hotter, but can’t say for certain.  My car temp said it was 118 and later 115.  I grew up here and I have never felt heat like that hear.  There was one end of summer that was a runner up in the late ’70’s where my mom and sister and I just lay flat on the floor of our family room trying not to move.  That was pretty bad.  But, yesterday was very scary.

Our air conditioner broke.  The AC guy said he couldn’t fix it till it had been off for 24 hours.  I tried to keep writing at my desk, but my computer is in the hottest part of the house.  The coolest part is Oliver’s closet.  He came over in the afternoon with a gal pal and I was sitting in his closet.  Mark joined us and we all had a pleasant visit.  Meanwhile, my very nice landlords booked us into a nice hotel nearby.  It was 89 degrees INSIDE my house when we left.

I can’t say it was a great night sleep for me as each of my kids woke up at one point and demanded I shift beds to be with them.  I was too tired to move Rex to his tiny crib so I left him on the bed he had fallen asleep on, as it was low to the ground and I surround him with pillows as a barrier.  But, at about 4am I was awoken from my deep sleep by a thud followed by a cry.  Rex had fallen! Yikes.  I nursed him back to sleep. After our $50 breakfast we had a short drive to Vivien’s school.

Mark had dragged Campanile’s AC guy to our house very late and he got it working.  Said it was a dirty compressor.  Praise the working AC!

So, my two cents is this: global warming is real.  People who work against us trying to minimize it’s damage REALLY piss me off.  What kind of world will our children live in?  Mad Max?  Even if one is skeptical–and I do not know why one would be– all the things to minimize our carbon footprint just make sense on their own.  We only have one gas powered car, guess what?  We save  money.  We both walk more because of it. Last time I checked walking was good for you.  Trying not to use to much water or electricity?  Saves you money. Now, we don’t want to live like cave people, they didn’t have air conditioning, but the US has a giant carbon footprint that needs to be dealt with.

My California wrath is directed at the knuckle heads supporting big oils prop 23.  It would gut AB 32.  what is that?

“Passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006, AB32 has set a goal to reduce California’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050.

To reach these goals, regulations are being created that would require cleaner cars, more energy-efficient buildings and appliances, and power plants that use alternative energy sources like wind instead of older fossil fuels.”  Read the rest

They want this suspended until California’s unemployment goes down to 5%.  Fat Chance that’s happening anytime soon.  We have over 12% unemployment in some parts of the state.  Also, this country should be refocusing on green technology because China sure is.  Do we want to buy everything from China?


Did anyone hear the ambassador to the Seychelles on NPR saying they will be a failed state in 50 to 100 years because of climate change?  Very powerful.  Their coral is bleached and dying, the island is sinking.  He said he had given up on world leaders doing anything and he was now talking to the people of America and other countries directly.  We have to put the pressure.  Don’t let them hide behind the BS of job creation.  That just means bigger profits for a few fat cats.

Okay, that’s my two cent rant for today.

Home Improvement Television

Lately I’ve been going to the gym more.  I’m doing intervals on the treadmill.  I did it to be fit and slimmer and I am finding that cutting back on drinking, healthy eats and regular exercise helps me deal with my grief.  I’m the one at the gym changing one of the 15 TV’s, set to football or ESPN, to shows on remodeling.

I was just working out to “Sell this House”. They have really long blocks of commericals.  I go slower during the show so I can see how they are removing bad wallpaper and taking out junk from a patio, then during the pitches I turn up the motor.

But, it doesn’t stop there…

Top Chef Just Deserts recap

For Top Chef Just Deserts fans this video is for you. Here from Mark Peel what was really going on on the episode “Cocktails with a Twist” It was  an episode with lots of drama courtesy of Seth.

If you didn’t see the episode here is a good recap of it.  I was very excited for it to air as my husband and our business ( our as in majority owners investors) The Tar Pit was heavily featured.  I was also present at the tasting table.  They cut EVERY SINGLE comment I made.  I figured they probably would and wondered why Gail ( who is lovely) kept asking my opinion as I assumed I would be edited out.  But, I had some funny lines so I thought one might make it in. Wrong.  I did not always agree with the chefs judgement on the dishes.  It took hours to film us eating 11 deserts.  Honestly, I felt kind of ill for 2 days afterward.  No offense to the talented contestants, it was just a lot of sugar at one sitting.  Don’t know how Gail and Johnnie did a season of it.  Maybe they had a broccoli cleanse when the show wrapped.

It was fun to be part of the show and it was great to get to know Gail and Elizabeth Faulkner( as a former San Franciscan I loved Citizen Cake and fellow judge, and gentleman Hubert Keller‘s Fleur de Lys)   Here Elizabeth demos how to make the winning Margarita bomb.  I hope this causes more people who come to LA to come and check out the Tar Pit. It’s pretty cool.

All of the contestants seemed very dear in person.  I had no idea how much drama was going on back in the kitchen!

Two Cents Tuesday

I have decided to launch a new series on cool mom: Two Cents Tuesday.  It’s all the things that swirl around in my head as I drive along or make breakfast, but can’t really work up  a full lather about or a blog post.  I’m modeling this on Herb Caen’s legendary column from the SF Chronicle …, sort of Andy Rooney, but I pluck my eyebrows.  Really, Andy, all those years on TV and know one told you that you needed a weed wacker for those eyeballs?


I don’t really understand why everyone is so mad or disappointed with him.  Everything he has done he pretty much said he would.  I wasn’t happy about beefing up our money and humans to Afghanistan, but he never said he wouldn’t. All those big “Hope” and “you are the change you have been waiting for” stuff, I never took that literally or as a sign of a huge difference between him and any other mainstream Dem.  It was all code words for “get rid of Bush and Cheney and their ilk”. At least that’s what I heard.

Gay marriage

Okay, this  needs some reframing.  One side says, civil rights, the other says it’s a religious commitment that is saved for men and women only.  Listen, here is what marriage is:  a legal contract. Someone can put their own religious or emotional meaning on it, but when marriages break up there is a reason people call lawyers: because it’s a legal contract. ( In case you didn’t get that the first time.)  So, when my friends, male and female, harp about what they have to pay their soon to be ex’s I always say, “well, you did sign a legal, binding agreement.  You married someone in a community property state with no fault divorce, so it doesn’t matter if he/she makes your skin crawl, you have to pay.”

We don’t exclude gays or Mormon’s or Scientoligist or anyone from creating an LLC, or entering into business agreements, making a will so, why would marriage be any different?  Sorry, yes on 8 er’s the train has left the station on this one.  Ultimately, society and the law will allow gay people to marry.

Emails for money

Every day I get no less than 5 pleas for money.  They are always poorly written.  They sound like Balki from “Perfect Strangers”.  Either there is an inheritance waiting for me.  Or they they need to get money out of their country and they need help laundering it.  I prefer the Viagra spam, at least it’s honest…well except for the claim that their penis will grow 3 inches longer.  Who is answering these things?  Because a bunch of Nigerians sit down and write them for some reason.  Better to go call up QVC and unload some cash there.  I’m guessing they prey on people who have little education and little grasp of English themselves.  Isn’t there a way to stop these?

Example below, supposedly from a bank in England:
Infact I thank God very much for all the movement I made, every thing goes normally. As for our agreement with the DILOMAT COURIER SERVICE COMPANY UK they promised that your consignment will leave this Country any monment Next Week,But the Director of the DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE COMPANY said that they need your contacts informations to able them meet up with you immediately they Company Diplomat Agent arrived to your Country.

Since when do bankers thank God?  Sometimes I am tempted to return with red pencil like a teacher and correct all the mistakes.  But, where do I begin?  Besides, I have another email here waiting for my attention, something about horny ladies.

Vivien is 5!

I wish I could embed the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  I always loved it and then one day realized it was about my daughter.  “do you remember/21st night of September” A song of celebration for the day my sweet girl was born. Except she was born in the morning, but close enough.
vivien at 8 months
My beautiful, smart, loving, no nonsense daughter who changed my life forever.  I am so, so lucky and blessed and honored to have my daughter.

The moment they pulled her out of me ( c-section due to frank breech) I heard her screaming and I saw her wriggling body as I lay flat on my back.  My first thought?  Terrified.  I was afraid of her.

2nd thought:  She is not me, she is not Mark, she is her own, strong person seperate from us.  Uh, oh, this wasn’t going to be like my little baby dolls. But, Vivien and I have worked it out and will continue to work it out for the rest of our lives.100_4042.JPG

Now, she has just started Kindergarten as the youngest in her class and soccer, and a loving big sister.  She is strong and her own person and also my baby doll.

I love you Vivien.  I can’t thank you enough for coming to be with us. Happy Birthday!vivien at 5

Whooping Cough is NO Joke

Reading this warning about the rise in whooping cough is causing me once again to tell you about how it hit our home.  Mark and Oliver got whooping cough when Vivien was born. vivien 4mos
I thank my lucky stars all the time that she didn’t get it as it might have killed her.  I am also thankful I didn’t get it because I would have coughed so hard my stitches from my c – section would have come out. We had to be in separate rooms from Mark and Oliver for many weeks, which meant I was SOL as a new mom needing help at home.

Whooping cough is AWFUL. Mark and Oliver survived it and had good doctors and meds, and still they had a HORRIBLE COUGH FOR THREE MONTHS.  The kind of cough that is so intense you vomit.

Kids are suppose to have booster shots at 12.  For all the anti- vaccine people who want to take their chances you piss me off because you are also taking chances with other people.  Little kids are especially at risk.

That’s my rant for the day.

Party of Possibilities

Hey, this is sponsored content, but this is pretty darn fun. I’m telling you about My Coke Rewards. Which if you do buy any Coke products (which include Dasani water, Sprite and others) you can earn points to get stuff. Remember Blue Chip stamps? Yes, showing my age again.

Enter for your chance to win an exclusive Coke Zero football party worth up to $10,000 for you and your friends. A Coke Zero event planner will work with you to create a party that will be talked about for many football seasons to come.

While I tell you about it, I think you are getting the Cool Mom humor and charm from my kids you have come to expect. Now that’s integrated content done right!