Whooping Cough is NO Joke

Reading this warning about the rise in whooping cough is causing me once again to tell you about how it hit our home.  Mark and Oliver got whooping cough when Vivien was born. vivien 4mos
I thank my lucky stars all the time that she didn’t get it as it might have killed her.  I am also thankful I didn’t get it because I would have coughed so hard my stitches from my c – section would have come out. We had to be in separate rooms from Mark and Oliver for many weeks, which meant I was SOL as a new mom needing help at home.

Whooping cough is AWFUL. Mark and Oliver survived it and had good doctors and meds, and still they had a HORRIBLE COUGH FOR THREE MONTHS.  The kind of cough that is so intense you vomit.

Kids are suppose to have booster shots at 12.  For all the anti- vaccine people who want to take their chances you piss me off because you are also taking chances with other people.  Little kids are especially at risk.

That’s my rant for the day.

13 thoughts on “Whooping Cough is NO Joke

  1. I SO agree with you. I had it when my 1st child was 1 1/2. Luckily, he’d had the vaccine so he didn’t get it but I thought I was going to die of coughing! Even now, 7 years later, my lungs are wrecked with even the slightest cold. Get the vaccine people!!

  2. I second this completely. The whole do not vaccinate movement infuriates me. So much so that I have actually told some family members that if they don’t care enough to vaccinate their own children, then their children cannot be around the newborn babies in the family. These moms who believe what they read on the newsstands over their own doctors are playing with fire over public health. These moms are not old enough to remember the devastation of these vaccine preventable illnesses. Herd immunity takes participation from everyone who is able to be vaccinated.

  3. My son got whooping cough AFTER being vaccinated. I guess the vaccine is only 75-80% effective. I had no idea & was so shocked that he could get it even after being vaccinated – be warned!

  4. christa – i think most parents worry and care about ANY child contracting a dangerous AND preventable disease.

    in the case of yasmara, her child was exposed by a previuosly vaccinated child? or not vaccinated?? (we don’t know) if yasmara’s child was exposed to whooping cough by a non-vaccinated, her child, and their family could have been spared this HORRIBLE illness. not to mention, all of the other children and familes who have now been exposed.

    as a mother who vaccinates, it concerns me to know that there are a growing number of families who are taking these risks, not only for their own children (!!), but for the public at large. the implications are dangerous and vast.

    here’s a very real scenario:
    child A is not vaccinated against, say, measels. then unknowingly carrying the bug, child A is taken to a playground. at this playground, baby B who is not of age to receive this vaccination, say 9 months old, is being pushed on a swing. oblivious. child A (with measles) jumps on the swing next to baby B. child A and baby B interact. and NOW… baby B, AND every other non-vaccinated child AND any other baby at that park that morning have been exposed to a very serious and potentially fatal illness. not to mention, child A who, by no fault of his/her own, has this didease and is spreading it.

    it happens.

    if that baby becomes very ill and or dies, everybody suffers. everybody.

  5. We live near an Amish community who do not believe in vaccinations. My husband and I both got a booster even though we do not communicate with our neighbors very often. And we don’t allow them to come into our home as much for their health as for ours. We’ve recently had the flu virus in our home and they don’t need to take that back to their families either.

  6. Eileen,

    I realize all parents worry about the safety of their children. My point is, if vaccinated children are still getting the illnesses they are being vaccinated against, what is the point of vaccinating?

  7. @Christa:
    The vaccine is not 100% effective and the concept of herd immunity is that enough people are vaccinated so that an epidemic has no chance to start. If a lower percentage of people are immunized, coupled with a less than 100% effectiveness rate, pertussis (and other diseases) have an easier time infiltrating a community. This is expecially bad for those immunocompromised individuals (like babies) who cannot receive vaccines.

  8. I realize I’m a little late to this, but thought I’d just add my own insight…

    Like was mentioned above…If there are people who are UNABLE to be vaccinated (maybe it’s not yet age appropriate, or you have someone who is allergic to an ingredient in the vaccines & cannot be given the vaccine) then those who are carriers (and you can be an a-symptomatic carrier, like Typhoid Mary) can pass the disease on to them. Those who are ABLE to be vaccinated, but simply aren’t…can get the diseases & pass them around. And often, the people who are unable to be vaccinated already have some kind of health compromise. Maybe a very new or very old immune system.

    Some vaccinations wear off over time…or in about 5-10% of cases do not “take” at all. If you are concerned about whether or not your child (or yourself) has been immunized, you can get a ritre (riter) blood test to check for antibodies.

    There are also people that would have come from places where the disease is still common (like the highly contagious Polio vaccine in Africa)….they may have gotten a natural immunity through exposure, but are still able to pass it on to others! Think about all the people we come into contact with that we may NEVER consider. The cashier at the grocery store handling our food & money. The bus driver, the person who used the seat before you on the bus. The attendant at the gas station, the person handling your food at a favorite restaurant. Your landscaper, maid, neighbor. The janitor in your child’s school, the lunchlady. The plubmer, the cable guy, the evangelist who shook your hand & wanted to know if you’ve found Jesus. The chick your cousin picked up after surfing in Thailand who followed him to the US on a “fiance visa”.

    Heck, even the handling of our food & produce comes from countries that are still in 3rd world conditions…where people are working & living with diseases while they pick oranges in barefeet & sneeze all over it before they load it into a truck.

    All those diseases are just heading our way…those who have outgrown a vaccine, or are just unable to get it b/c of age or other factors are at risk.

    Wanted to pass this on as well… http://hugmeimvaccinated.org/ I love their stance. 🙂

    My husband had to go to Afghanistan unprotected from smallpox b/c I have psoriasis. It’s not serious, I even forget I have it sometimes…but my husband remembered. Good thing, too. He was able to get it after he was there…but being a combat medic…I was seriously concerned for his safety. He was mostly caring for locals.

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