She’s back!

I get knocked down, but I get up again!

Hey,  a dear person, Michael, who works at TV Guide contacted me shortly after I was downsized and asked if I would be the featured performer for a comedy show.  I was touched.  I started Cool Mom in large part because I wanted a creative platform, but no longer wanted to go to a scummy comedy club and leave my daughter in order to do it.  So, this will be hte first time in nearly 3 years I have hit the boards and performed comedy live.

Well, I did M-C  a big sales thing in NYC, but different vibe and not as much creative freedom.  If any of you are in the area please come on out.  It’s going to be at a big theater and the Gay and Lesbian Center this MOnday, November the 1st.

Here is the info.

No drink min.

worn out

It’s starting to all catch up to me.  The great recession, not enough sleep, losing my dad.  Today is his birthday and I have a pit in my stomach.  I keep trudging, moving, working, volunteering at Vivien’s school, living life.  But, I just want to crawl into my bed and weep and sleep.

I said to a friend the other night “I peaked in the ’90’s” he said

“we all peaked in the ’90’s”

There are so many lovely moments in my life, chief being my kids.  Also nice to sip a cocktail at The Tar Pit with my sister ( which I will be doing to toast my dad).  But, dang don’t you feel like we just need a break?  Some relief from this cloud, or maybe that is just my own stuff.

The other night I went and saw Michele Obama and Jill Biden stumping for Barbara Boxer.  After Madoff I become far less political, but decided to go since I could walk there from my house and I like the first and second lady and I am voting for Boxer. All three spoke well and at one point Michele Obama was saying something along the lines, “we know change hasn’t come fast enough for many people”  It was a good speech and I was feeling that old juice from ’08. Then she said, “remember how you felt on election night?”  The crowd cheered.  I cheered too thinking how proud I was that our country had moved past racism.  I remembered being with my family and friends at Campanile crying with joy and feeling hopeful and patriotic.  Then she said, “remember how you felt on inaguration day!”  The crowd cheered.

I did not.  That was one of the worst days of my life.  That day as thousands bundled up in the cold to see the swearing in Mark and I were signing the escrow papers to sell our house.  My dream house.  I looked down at the floor.  I couldn’t shake the sad feeling even as I applauded at the end.

Election night, my dad was alive, we spoke and he was a gracious Republican that night, I was pregnant with Rex, I was settled.  Now, my financial security, house and my dad are gone.

Look I know I am a lucky person.  I really believe I am, I’m just pooped and sad.  I’ve been downsized on my TV show, The Fashion Team, to that of a contributing correspondent, not one of the main hosts. That stings a bit, I won’t lie.

If I could just get a little sleep., that would be change I could believe in.

PDA posture

When I’m at the park or play date or pumpkin patch with my kids and I tap out something on my Blackberry, I can feel a little guilty.  Shouldn’t I be focused on them and not on my technology?  Am I addicted to getting and sending messages?  Well, yes, I am… But it occured to me recently that having a PDA has allowed me to make a living and be with my kids.  I can be on the beach with them and get an email that someone would like to hire me to do a TV show segment.  I can reply, “yes….”  Thus, book the job and still be with my kids.

I can get an email, “Would you be cool having XYZ has sponsor on Coolmom?  ‘Yes, I would I love that product, and I love to monetize when I can, now Rex don’t climb on that goat…'”  You see how that works?

If only I could stand correctly…

Momversation: Mommy Mishaps

Here is a little diddy from sister site, or a spin off site as I think of it, to coolmom.  The subject is mommy mishaps.  The theme of accidently hurting your child has been explored here and here, but sadly, I never seem to rush out of fresh material!  Bad mom, bad mom.

Oh, well, just another imperfection we learn to accept.

Note: These vids are from when I was pregnant with Rex and I still lived in my big house and thought I had financial security.  Do I look different? Does a financial crisis change your features?


C’mon, Monday morning can hit you like a wet towel across your face when you thought you were getting a hug. I am always behind the eight ball on Monday mornings.  It’s post weekend, it’s back to school and work and it’s also after one of the crowded house nights in our home.  And I don’t mean the ’80’s band (though let me say that their hit “don’t dream that it’s over” is a big fave of mine and yes, always makes me think of the Sheena Easton/ Don Johnson romance on Miami Vice).

So, Espresso should help, right? As I consume ever more amounts, as the mother of a toddler who still can wake up at night, sometimes I exhibit symptoms similar to Parkinson diesease.

But, I keep going back to the same cure.

So flipping tired …and hot

With the light drizzle outside, this video seems a tad dated… but only by a few weeks.

My “flipping tired” brain does worry me a tad.  I had been fretting about not having a valid passport, just in case I won a trip to Turks and Caicos!  Then I decided I needed to clean up my files and in a folder called “passport”  guess what I found?  A valid passport.  Got it in December 2007.

Pass the fish oil!

Tuesday Two Cent 10-19-10


I love me some Tom Brokaw.  Yes, I had a big ol’ crush on him when he was on The Today Show.  I would watch him as I got dressed for school.  Oh, Tom!

Anyway, he wrote a very good op-ed in the NY Times yesterday which in a nutshell says, “Hello, people, there is a war– 2 wars going on, you know?” (Which I couldn’t access off of their site because I can’t remember my user name, but found on site with a charming name here.) I don’t know why that is not a subject for Tea Party types that a war, that has dragged on for 9 years, has drained our taxes and resources away.  NOT to mention the thousands of Americans killed and maimed.  Do wars create jobs?  Yes, but so does building highways or bailing out the car companies that supports our way of life here and does not kill brave citizens. This is a dual party failure– Wait, trio party failure– as Dems, REP and tea.


But, so much easier just to call names.  I thought Sharron Angle was a nitwit before, but now I think she is a mean, sexist nitwit.  This is the lady running against Harry Reid for his Senate seat in Nevada.  I’m not a big fan of his. Don’t hate him, but he’s kind of whatever.  But, in their recent debate she had clearly planned with her people to somehow get in a demasculating reference to Reid.  She jammed in a crude phrase in reference to him tackeling the finances of America.  It began with “man up, Harry Reid”.  Awkard, but it served her well as all the morning outlets ran it with as much political dissection as 4th graders.  Basically, it was a “oh, no she didn’t!”

It was sexist.  If Reid had told her to “fem up” or “estrogen up” he would probably be in jail right now. Like I always say to Vivien, “even if you have a right to be angry, once you hit you have lost the argument.” So has Angle with her verbal jab.

Then there are the moments when I say, “oh, liberals, stop, you are embarrassing me.”  Only problem is this one comes from a Moderate Republican, Mayor Bloomberg.  He wants more specifications on how poor people can use their food stamps.  No sodas.  Sure that would be nice if people all used their resources for the highest and best, but we are human, we don’t.  Most juice you pick up at the store as as much sugar as sodas. Food stamps can’t be used for hot food either.  Which is pretty stupid when you consider that they can be used for a bag of candy, but not a big plate of tacos made with delish grilled meats at Chipotle (my new fave!) This is TOO much interference.  I would say things like this make me a libertarian except Libertarians wouldn’t dole out food stamps at all.  Food stamps can’t be used for diapers either. (list of places to donate them) Do crack mom’s smoke diapers?


Kind of thinking of bagging my beat up Blackberry and getting the Droid.  So hard to get web access on the Bberry.  No, can’t do iPhone, I’m not with AT&T.  Thoughts?