The bummer about the interweb is the swiftness that one can find how unoriginal they are.  I thought, hey over on Momversation we finally showed that one about MILF’s, why not play on the idea of a DILF?  Then I find this.  Really, how hard is it to change one word in an acronym? This entry was from 2003.  My defense is that I have been sleep deprived since 2005.

When I go to a park with my kids the adult companions are usually moms, nannies and grandmas.  But, what if one day, maybe a Saturday, there was a park filled with hot divorced dads.  Just some good eye-candy to break up the day.  These days looking is enough of a buzz.  Because beyond even that marriage thing, who has energy for more?

7 thoughts on “DILF

  1. oh my gosh, daphne.

    You make me laugh so hard.

    Can I please put this up for my Friday Funny? the last one I did, of yours with Dora the Explorer for moms went over so big.

    I have to do DILF’s.

    Oh, you crack me up!!

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