C’mon, Monday morning can hit you like a wet towel across your face when you thought you were getting a hug. I am always behind the eight ball on Monday mornings.  It’s post weekend, it’s back to school and work and it’s also after one of the crowded house nights in our home.  And I don’t mean the ’80’s band (though let me say that their hit “don’t dream that it’s over” is a big fave of mine and yes, always makes me think of the Sheena Easton/ Don Johnson romance on Miami Vice).

So, Espresso should help, right? As I consume ever more amounts, as the mother of a toddler who still can wake up at night, sometimes I exhibit symptoms similar to Parkinson diesease.

But, I keep going back to the same cure.

3 thoughts on “Es-press-o

  1. Love that green dress on you! Ah yes, I’m a four cup sinner myself, not even trying to cut back. Mainly, some days get so screamingly boring that an espresso makes me feel somehow able to separate from the mundane of life.

    I hate early school mornings too.

  2. There is hope for the future! Your daughters will turn 13 and become so bitchy in the mornings that you will refuse to get up with them at all! And thankfully son (17) loves grade 12 and gets up on his own accord! All you will have to do those faraway mornings is yell out I love you! Have a great day at school!

    Cripes, with all those exclamation points you would think it was me downing 4 expressos 😉

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