The Lipstick Fell on the Sword

Someone has to make the sacrifices around here.  It can’t always be mommy and daddy.  Sometimes things also have to take the hit.  Sure, it would be nice if I didn’t have to indulge my son’s destructive tendencies, but I do need to write this vlog intro and put on make up for work and talk on the phone sometimes.

So something has to give.  Come one, I’m not alone right?

4 thoughts on “The Lipstick Fell on the Sword

  1. You’re not alone. I’ve definitely allowed a mess to get more out of control for the sake of a few more minutes for myself. I am afraid of lipstick stains, however.

  2. Oh, that is so wonderful.

    How you don’t have 500 comments here already, is one of life’s BIG mysteries to me.

    The closing photo of Rex with Lancome all over his baby belly putting away your ob tampons, while singing “pick up pick up pick up” is just a prize winner.

    You have solid gold here, Daphne.

  3. Jennifer, I think he didn’t say ‘free time’ it’s like more ‘inka inka’ that I get x) but so… if he says free time, he is imitating what he’s mother just said. cause in the end of the video she says ‘free time’… and babies react and learn a lot imitating.

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