Sponsored Content: My Points, My Choice!

Let’s not kid ourselves, holiday time has arrived and is sitting in our laps.  If you don’t get going on this your leg will fall asleep.  Here is a way to knock off a few on the list.

Frankly,  I think this video is adorable. Maybe it’s the old time music or maybe that it’s me and my sister Carole hanging out.  Carole’s super hero power is her enthusiasm for things.  If I tell her about a new job or a new pair of shoes she is excited and on board.  “Personality Plus” as she calls it.  As in, “Daph, that girl wasn’t that much fun, but you know I like people like us, Personality Plus.” So, while this is a sponsored video the setting of me and my sister sharing something we have discovered is geniune.  Also, when Oliver opens a Coke I say, “keep the tops for my coke rewards”.

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