Questions I Can’t Answer

Please tell me I’m not the only one who realizes their intellectual inferiority as their child gets older.  By older, I mean 5!

I can remember when I was little thinking my mom knew EVERYTHING.  But, she told me, starting at about 11, “your kids will say, ‘you are stupid.'”  I’m sure that couldn’t have been me!  Oh, god, if only I could get to 11.

(And yes, Vivien was in school while this was shot… so I used a stunt child voice).

8 thoughts on “Questions I Can’t Answer

  1. Mine’s 2.5 and I can relate! Thankfully most of his questions are farming or machinery related so I just tell him we’ll ask daddy. Or I tell him I don’t know and (so far) that satisfies him. Otherwise I tell him we’ll Google it. He’s going to know exactly how to use the internet to answer questions lol!

  2. Oh God, Daphne, I actually gafawed when you said, “Um…and there’s moisture…and…”

    Good thing they are asking these questions, though. My 5 year old nephew said “an am-buh-lance” came to his school and “the guy put a beanbag on this lady’s arm and then pumped this pump that sucked all the air out of her.” HEE!
    He also said that in their school garden they planted beans, corn, egg, and tomatoes…and later explained, “DUH EGGPLANT!”

    I think that one is right next to the cashew plant.

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