Gender Specific Clothing

Well, I’m a bit of a rambler here, so I don’t need to add much to this intro. Except that I think I should start marketing a line of t-shirts for kids with realistic slogan’s to combat the “My Dad is my hero” type or the “budding genius” variety.  Perhaps, “My Dad is spotty on his child support” or “Mom can be nice, but kind of emasculates my dad in front of us.”  That’s long. Might need to be a turtle neck.  Seeing how our economy is going how about, “future vocational trainee” or “I wish I could get a county job”, “leave donations for college here” and it would come with a big pocket.

Oh, crap, someone’s going to steal my idea.

Seriously, this also touches ever so lightly on the issue of the Princess boy ( which I think is great) or the mom blogger who  got heat for titling her post “my son is gay”.  She was standing up for his right to dress like Daphne from Scooby Doo ( how could I NOT support that.  Only wish some kids wanted the Daphne, funny blogger costume, but then most kids don’t aspire to wear drawstring pants and shirts with stains on them)

I am very pro let them dress how they want.  Unless it’s a special event, then I want them to look like they just entered the Kennedy White House in 1962.

7 thoughts on “Gender Specific Clothing

  1. Yes, I heard about both the book and the blog post. I saw the book in snippets, and the blog post I read.

    Let kids be,r ight?

    That’s what I think.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family, Daphne!!!

  2. Two great finds. That picture of the little guy fully embracing his Daphne costume, thanks to his unapologetic mother, is forever impressed in my brain. That’s pride.

    And the inner princess book with the bright pink web background…so sincere, such good mothering! And some day you’ll have the cutest little videos of Rex just being himself with his Mommy. Precious!!!

  3. It’s too bad Babystyle went out of business. Luckily Cruz gets all Jake’s gender neutral hand me downs. I buy mostly clothing without any characters on them. I like it when I take photos if you can’t tell exactly what year they were taken because of the clothing. And I take photos almost daily.

  4. I’m 100% with you. Our son has a pink tea set with Barbie on it. He loves playing with it- it was free from someone one, so I dont care! He also loves his hammer and his cars.

    Oh and a lot of his clothing is gender neutral because I prefer to buy organic! Whatever, my son who is he is and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  5. ok, not directly related to the vid, but I’m a very new mom, 3 week old baby keeping me busy.. what about IMPRACTICAL baby wear!! How many precious minutes do I waste trying to figure out how to get the gear on and off!!!!!!

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