Cyber Monday Cool Mom style

Maybe it’s better to dress like Zsa Zsa Gabor when changing a diaper?

I’m trying something new this year.  For the first time ever Cool Mom will be a direct portal of sales through it’s vlogs. Or vlog rather, I only have this one here. And it’s not extensive product it’s one cutio cocktail ring ( well, a bangle as well). I think I’m like other mom’s as well in that a large portion of my shopping has become online, after the kids are asleep and I’m surfing around. Hopefully, for something I wouldn’t find in a store and at a good price.

I learned about Open Sky months back.  Open Sky is a way for small merchants to connect with buyers through blogs.  With no marketing or merchandising budget it’s one of the few ways they can get their goods to the market place.  Like other people online I struggle with the “how do I monetize this?” while “keeping my voice” and cred issue.  This is not a product review site-which would be perfect for Open Sky.  I waited until I saw a product that is available on Open Sky that I really loved.  Of course it also has to be something that I can weave into a humorous video about the daily life of a parent.  So, I stumbled upon  this beautiful ring online by Roberta Chiarella. She has lovely costume jewelery that is fun, classy, great price points and rarest of all! MADE in the USA… well at least the ring is.

I love a cocktail ring.  Even a simple outfit can be elevated when wearing a cocktail ring.  When I told them how much I loved this ring she set it up so Cool Mom buyers would have a steep discount on this fab bauble. From $60 to $28.   Yes, coolmom does get a little commission if people buy the ring or some of the other pretty things in my “marketplace“.  But, it’s not a lot and I was more into the virtual trunk show/ flea market, small business aspect to this then anything else.

So, check it out.  It is Cyber Monday, it is the Holiday time and it’s also nice to treat yourself. It is returnable, as well. Watch the vid for fun and if you like what you see and want to give it to yourself or some gal you know go to the links here.

Statement ring size 5

Statement ring size 6

Statement ring size 7

Swarovski Crystals Bubble Cuff

So, enjoy the vid and happy shopping. Not sure of ring size? Click here.

6 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Cool Mom style

  1. I like the ring, I don’t know my ring size, I’ll get back to you
    when I figure this out.
    Jessica is correct. We do like to see your outfits.

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