Sponsored: What are You Doing Differently This Holiday?

Just in the nick of the time to make the final list of “Daphne’s favorite brand sponsored Vids.”  This one has some good take aways, humor and a chance to win money!  Watch for an important cameo.

2 thoughts on “Sponsored: What are You Doing Differently This Holiday?

  1. I actually setup a “wish list” on Amazon LAST Christmas, and as I thought of things people on my list would like throughout the year, I added to the list. It made it so easy … no shopping, and I had all these great idea’s at my fingertips.

    Done. Ordered. Relax. 🙂

  2. This year I’m hosting the holidays one day before we leave for 10 days! So, I decided to make it really easy on myself and get disposable plates and napkins! I normally love the way a table looks with all the nice coordinating dishes but I can’t handle washing all of them later, talk about a big job with my guests totaling thirty. I went to Target and wouldn’t you know it, they have some gorgeous sets (I LOVE the plaid) at really reasonable prices. Easy and Done, now onto the festivities!

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