Tree Up!

This vid comes very close to something that’s been brewing in me for a while.  I call it “The Daphne Doctrine”.  Don’t fight it, accept it.  Helps if you have a couple of lovely little kids to keep you on the fun and silly.

I set a record this year for myself. The kids and I got our tree on November 30th.  Other years I kept trying to coordinate with Mark’s schedule, but this year I just did it when it was good for me and fun for Vivien and Rex. Ended up it was a night that Mark and Oliver were present, so there is probably a doctrine there as well.

What’s the point of fighting the holidays?

8 thoughts on “Tree Up!

  1. Great job on MSNBC!

    Extremely well expressed POV ( with humor mixed in, very cool) re: impact that idiot Madoff (and his cohorts) had on your lives and more importantly ….your resiliency thru reevaluation of priorities…’.What’s ‘really’ important?!’

    In our hyper-speed media world of ‘tell it Monday, forget it Tues….Thanks for sharing your experiences (struggles, triumphs, etc)!!

    Enjoy your best Xmas ever!

  2. Hello down there in Burbank. I used to live in Los Angeles, Redondo beach to be exact. I just saw you on tv and would like to invite you and your family to vist my wife and me up north where we now live.

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    You could mingle with us anytime you please or stay to yourselves. I think it best if you come no more than four at a time or it would get a little too crowded. We have a 6 month old dobbie dog who gets into everthing so take that inot consideration,

    If you are interested please do call me or email me and I will send you many pictures of where we live and the house. Fortuna is 5 hours north of San Francisco and ten minutes from the ocean. It is a very friendly place and you can find in on line at friendly fortuna or sunny fortuna I forget which. hahahaha

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    We live in the middle of the giant redwood forests and is very very special. I email you some stuff showing the area if you like. Of course their is no charge to stay here. Probable best if you stayed no more than a week.

    If you think I am a nut case or are not interested that’s ok, I would too. hahahaha I really do think you should mosey on up here someday one way or the other if you haven’t already. IT IS A VERY SPECIAL PLACE TO LIVE. MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO OPEN A RESAURANT.

    OK then….. Gary, Karla and Baby Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Don’t be basful, if ya wanna get a break from the BIG city do it now.

    phone 707 725-3228


  3. I was eager for those Christmas decorations in July this year, it just gave me more time to prepare. It’s fun when it becomes all about memories for the children, and less about those stresses that surround us. They sure help keep us centered on what’s really important!

  4. thanks for good wishes following the MSNBC thing.
    Gary, how sweet, love rodeo’s and fairs!

    This video is very good for 2 years post Madoff. I wish it had NOT happened. I wish we had not been robbed. But, I am so grateful for my kids, kind people and singing dogs.

  5. Thanks Lucy.

    Sigh, to “people”. Everytime I mention our theft I always get a blowback from people like this. I can only imagine what people who have gone through much worse in the public eye get.
    “The rape victim looks ok now, so maybe it wasn’t so bad to be sexually assaulted.”
    Our house is nice, it’s rented and less than half the size of my old one. My TV was bought back when we had money and glad we did as I couldn’t buy it now. Am I on food stamps? No, I am not. Does that mean it doesn’t hurt to lose your retirement, be forced to sell your house and make up a story to your kid as to why you are? No, it does not.
    Snippy comments can move onto somewhere else.

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