Going Gray: A Very Special Momversation

This conversation started because Alice Bradley wrote on her blog Finslippy that she was going to go gray, or grey. I can never decided.  Rebecca Woolf of Girlsgonechild raised her hand to be on the “you go girl” side of going gray and she had her super cute mom Wendy with her her silver bob to throw into the mix. Having had a partial hippie upbringing I have a mixed relationship with au natural.  ( see chapter in my future book called “fighting to get filtered apple juice at school”) I line up on the dye, baby, dye side of things.  Especially if you are MY age.  I have a friend from junior high whose hair has so much gray in it now it shocks me when I see it.  Last time I saw her I said, “Hey, Emmylou, if you get anymore gray in your hair I’m going to tell people you were my teacher in school not my friend.” She lives in Northern California, which is probably why I moved back home.  As much as like a stone ground wheat something something, I also like a little artifice in my life.  (see old vlog on Botox)

I brought my mom Morency to this show and tell.  Morency has made coolmom appearences, and momversation, before and she was only to ready to talk about her love of dye.  Hold on to your mouse, because I am pretty sure this is the first Momversation that included the word ‘pubic’.

Mommy, I love you and I am so proud.

4 thoughts on “Going Gray: A Very Special Momversation

  1. Yeehaw! Your mom is fiesty!

    My family are Hawaiian-Chinese, so we’ve all got black hair. My aunt starts calling herself Broom Hilda if she can’t get her roots done on time. Seriously though, how do the grey hairs just appear, and they’re already long? Does the color just drain out overnight?

  2. omg, i have gray pubic hairs! and gray eyelashes and gray eyebrow hairs. granted, it’s only just a couple of each, but i’m only 40 and the gray on my head is spreading at an increasing rate. I’ve been coloring my hair in some form since i was 18 and will continue to do so for many more years, i’m sure.

    women on my maternal side are prone to going fully white-headed by about age 45, so it’s coming soon for me.

  3. I currently color my hair (I’m 42 and 85-90% gray under the dye) and was SHOCKED the day I discovered that the “curtains didn’t match the rug”. But I’m still coloring. One day, I imagine I’ll let it go gray, but not ready yet.

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